Author Topic: Angels and the light Within Us  (Read 2332 times)

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Angels and the light Within Us
« on: May 18, 2012, 10:02:28 PM »

Unseen forces direct us and guide our experiences and our lives. We may think, or feel, at times that we are not connected or that we stand alone, but often there are signs from Spirit, our guides and angels, that tell us that we do not walk alone, that we are not alone and their love and wisdom is always with us.

It is time for us all to realize that there is something greater within us that IS connected to the universal whole. God guides our steps in ways that we hardly realize, with His bounty and His/Her love.

There is a spiritual presence that lives within us, whether we regard this as a form, a deity, or angel. We are each angels, in my opinion, and we are here to sing songs, have joy, and be happy, and to live in the creative and spiritual freedom that is our divine birthright.

Our angelic and divine presence is with us always, it lives within us, and is nestled in our heart. As we commune with this presence of light and love within, and be quiet or still for a moment, coming into our heart and the presence of love and light that resides there, then we open the door for the Divine to whisper to us through our heart song and feeling choices.

There is never any right or wrong, "Should I go that way or should I go this way." It does not matter. We are Divine no matter what we do or don't do. We exist as this regardless of the outward flow of our lives, activities, or existence.

So to hear our angels or the divine voice within, we only need to sit still and listen for a few moments to our heart--as we quiet the voices from the external and simply drop into the loving and the light that exists there, in our spiritual and beautiful heart.

There, in that place, love is always given and grace can be known. And then the songs of our angels arise, guiding us in our heart choices and bringing us moments of divine grace, that brings to us great peace.

So, be still and be quiet for a while. Take a breath and open the door to the divine heart within. (You could visualize this if you want.) Imagine those doors, of your spiritual heart, opening and only light and love flooding through and surrounding you. This light fills you with its love. If this voice of love were to say anything, perhaps it might say:

"You are just love, you are only love, and nothing outside of this has any bearing upon you whatsoever. Whatever your experience has been, or still is, it is only part of an outward journey that is bringing you home to this truth--that you are only love. So blessed be.
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Re: Angels and the light Within Us
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2012, 09:12:03 PM »
I pretty much agree with everything you so eloquently stated, and it's rather poetic. Truth be told, what you've written (with all due respect as a fellow earth traveler) doesn't help very many people as most struggle through this journey we call life.

Even those people like myself who are spiritually open-minded enough to receive what you stated, this life at times doesn't make a lot of sense and you sometimes wonder why it has to be so difficult, so complicated. That's a rhetorical question, I don't even want an answer because whatever answer you or anyone were to supply would be insufficient and totally miss the mark.

I do realize this life is all about learning, and I agree with you that we're either evolving or not evolving; there's no right or wrong, we are either learning and growing or we're not learning and quite possibly spiritually regressing.

As much fun as I've had in this life, the friendships, the relationships, my children, etc., if given the choice, mine is not a soul that would be willing to come back to this place. I want another journey, to another world, possibly a planet that's a lot less dense than earth where the beings treat one another with respect.

I've often commented to the over-zealous fundamentalist that, if there were an actual Hell, this would certainly be it!
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