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Do you allow help from spirits of light?
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:15:57 PM »
Do you allow yourself to be helped by spirits of light from the afterlife?

I am asking this question because I have learned it can be pretty difficult for people to let themselves be helped by spirits of light, if at all possible. There are people that are not open to it or want to experience everything by themselves, but there are also various other good reasons for not allowing help from the afterlife.

Help by spirits of light can be in different ways.
It can be by personal spiritual guidance, by inspiration, intuition or by dreams.
It can be by personal help of a medium or a channel.
It can be by books from mediums and channels.
There are even more ways that I could mention, but I will leave them for now.

I know there can be certain problems involved by accepting help from spirits of light.
Those can be serious problems that can make it very sensible to stop accepting help from a particular form of spiritual help.

If you accept help from spiritual guidance or inspiration it could be that you are in contact with the wrong kind of spirits. They could be spirits of darkness instead of light. That depends on the attunement of your own feelings, of what you are really seeking for. Also, if your resistance is low you could become possessed by a dark spirit. And then you are in serious trouble.

If you accept help from a medium or channel it could be this channel is not clear voyent at all but is only able to sharply pick up your thoughts and go to work with that. So then there would be no real connection to a spirit of light. In another case it might be possible that the medium doesn't really have the brightest spirit around that you would want to wish for.

Books can pose problems as well. If the channel or medium does not have a connection with a true spirit of light the issues in the book will never get too high above the earthly knowing nor too far away from it. So in the end it could be just a waist of money and time buying and reading it.


I have had various experiences in the past.
I have my own spiritual guides that I have learned to accept. I have had bad experiences in that as well but that was because I was not attuned to light in my inner feelings. I learned and grew over that.
Now my spiritual guides are able to pass information to me in various ways. They can connect with me in my thoughts to help me thinking, but they can also even send a blip of energy into my aura which changes into an idea as soon as I notice it.
They have helped me very good in the past and they are still helping me in the present. But it's always only for my own life and not to help any other people.

I have also had some help from mediums or clair voyant people. I had some very good experiences with that but in some cases it took me a while to be able to interpret what they had said to me in the right way. In other cases it just needed more time to sink in.

Books is a different matter.
Because there are thousands of books on the market.
I deliberately limited myself to not reading too many books because I didn't want to waist my time on reading so many books and finally end up with still knowing anything else then the educated guesses of other people.
So I had to find some books by people with true experience from the afterlife.
I have found those too and they helped me very much in my spiritual progression. Right now I am very satisfied with what I know about the afterlife and how to look at my own life here on this planet.


But what are your experiences?
Again: do you allow yourself to be helped by spirits of light from the afterlife in one way or another?
A View into the Hereafter
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