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looking for answers ...
« on: November 07, 2012, 06:29:10 PM »
As a small child, I was visited/lived with what i now believe was a ghost or spirit. i must have only been no older than 5 at the time. people tell me it will have been nothing more than my imagination, and so i dont talk about it to others, I know it (im going to refer to her as she as im not comfortable calling her I) so ... I know she was not my imagination, she was something very real and i believe she was there to protect me from something - quite what I am unsure of. she will have been roughly the same age as me, female blonde curled hair and always wearing a white, i guess night gown type thing. I saw her as I saw anybody else, as in she wasnt transparent or anything, but rather as a physical being like i would see you! however she wouldnt show herself to anybody else, if my parents came upstairs she would go, i never saw her disapear she seemed to go when i wasnt looking, one minute she was there, id turn around and when i turned back the room was empty..
she couldnt go downstairs, i remember that well, she was able to come out of my room and wander our landing but only to the top of the stairs, i would ask her to come with me but she would tell me she isnt allowed downstairs. she would be in my room whenever i was there and slept in there (or at least she laid till i went to sleep.
when darkness fell she would tell me not to leave my room and if i needed the toilet she would walk me across the landing - recently i have bagan thinking about this and now im older i realise she may have been protecting me.
i last saw her when one day out of the blue she told me that she had to go now, and that everything was ok now. i saw her for a few years and we were very close. i remember asking her not to leave and her assuring me that she could no longer stay but that i would see her again when i was ready. i didnt and dont know what that means but that was the last time i saw her

after this time i have also seen a man seemingly pop his head through our living room door - he told m,e he was my grandfather ( my grandfather died whilst my grandmother was pregnant with my mother) and that i musnt tell anybody that i have seen him. scared i shouted for my mum and told him he wasnt my grandad... he got angry and shouted I AM YOUR GRANDFATHER then disapeared - my mum then explained that my grandad died before she was born and passed it off as me seeing things

now other spiritual things that confuse me are in certain houses or places i will get a strange feeling - like a sinking feeling in my stomach -a fear, or the sense that something bad is going to happen which leaves me scared and in need to get away from wherever it is as fast as i can and i will find myself running from whatever it is, as though running from something that poses a threat. untill recently in the last few years something or someone has told me not to fear it - i havent physically been told this but rather something in my head has told me to. its almost like i begin to run and am filled with fear but something inside stops me and tells me to turn and face it - there is nothing there that i can see but i always tell it that i am not scared of it and demand it leaves.
i still feel fear but turn back and try to calmly walk off. what is this??

during my time as an army cadet i saw the ghost of a soldier sitting on the end of the bed what was special about this was that i wanst the only person to see it - there were 4 of us saw it sitting there, it was witnessed by others at different times until it slammed a locker door on somebodies arm and broke her arm... at this point the pardray was called in. inside the room there was no smell and the temperature was cold whereas this was an old steel tin roof barrack in the height of a very hot summer. the same ghost also followed somebody across the yard and was seen by more than one person. after the room was blessed it wasnt seeen, but we kept it locked and didnt use the room after the incident

recently i have noticed things again which is what has got me intreagued to why i can see these things - ive been working ffor the same company for a couple years now and in the factory i always thought i could seee somebody walk past from the corner of my eye ---- i work nights and am alone so know nobody is on site. when i look there is nobody there - other people have seen this when theyve been there and as security there people have said to me - who was that, just walked into the boiler house - but there is never anybody there.
just yesterday i was working outside in the yard when i saw a shaddow duck past and dart behind one of our lorries but again, when i looked - nobody there. then a couple hors later i was bringing some barells down the hill situated on the otherside of the yard when out the corner of my eye again i saw this shaddow plain as day but the shaddows cannot cast on that sode of the lorry as the lights shine from behind them and a shaddow would no cast this way if somebody was there - and there was nobody there in any case i could see clearly - ater i cought it out my corener i looked straight at it and it was deffinately there for a split second i cought enough to know it was a male of average height wearing a hat, not a top hat or baseball cap but a kind of hat with a peak at the front .... the grounds i work on are set in a remote valley and are the buildings that used to be the cotton mills hundreds years ago - its said that during the war there were bunkers down there too

ive been told that shaddow ghosts or figures that are a shaddow are evil and can bring death

other things about me - Im not religious ( this is where me and reality clash as i believe that there is scientific evidence that we are here - no supreme being created us, we are just molecules etc evolution of millions of years from bacteria growth when the earth was created by whatever, big bang or whatever) but i do believe that there are things out there that we dont understand yet. i dont believe ghosts to be lost souls looking for the light as i dont believe there is hgeaven and hell etc

anyhow im confused what all this means and as i cant talk to peoppe without them thinking im gone crazy or its my imagination i thought id seek advice from others who seemingly have similar experience or knowledge in these things



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Re: looking for answers ...
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2012, 10:44:08 PM »
I read your post. Those are quite interesting experiences you've had and will probably continue to have.
I have not had such experiences in my waking hours. In my dreams sometimes I used to experience all kinds of strange and powerful phenomena.
I don't know what your experiences mean, and I also do not exactly what my own experiences meant.
But, there seems to be an element of fear involved. Fear is a weakening factor. It saps your personal energy.
I would suggest you find a personal helper in your neighborhood. A priest, a minister, a rabbi, etc. Someone who may be more familiar with the supernatural than your friends or family members. Open up to this person. This helper may have some suggestions of how to deal with your situation. But, I don't want you to go through this alone. You need to get yourself a support system, in person, not long distance from a forum.
It's obviously on your mind and it keeps happening, although it seems to be happening less frequently than in your earlier years.
Really, really, really take care of yourself.


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