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The Garden Of My Heart
« on: January 11, 2012, 06:32:13 AM »
Channeled from The Spirit of the Divine Mother

There is a place of quiet, of divinity, where you may rest from this world. A place of love and of the deepest knowing, a place of infinite peace. This place rests within My heart, an inner terrain where the effervescence of the divine flows and where love is always given.

This is your shelter from the storm of the experiences and the uncertainties of your life and existence. It is a sanctuary of peace where everything is given, where Our love, the light of your Divine Father and I, is always present. We love you and We touch you and heal everything from within this sacred sanctuary, where Our soul meets your soul and where Our heart is found within your own. It is a picturesque place of such loving and healing and it is that which you are seeking and have always been seeking, through the many experiences of your life. It is a love that you always need and that is always found in the garden of My heart of loving.

As this world changes and continues to change, both within and around you, you are increasingly feeling the need to find a point of stability and centeredness that lies beyond this world of impermanence and illusion, where false images of yourself and others are continually being torn down and where the reality that you have known can be no more.

The anchor that you are seeking is the solution that has always been, and exists here inside of the garden of My heart. This center of truth and love, within, provides a respite from those things that you struggle to change and seemingly feel powerless to transform.

And yet inside of Me, in this garden of reality—that is the place of heaven inside of you—you can begin to flower and be renewed in your strength and power as you seek to create change. Within this place of the sacred you come to seek from the well within, rather than struggling to be fed from the outer realm that contains and reflects only emptiness. This well of Divinity holds the deepest level of love for you, this well that is My light held ever-present for you. I am the ever flowing river of love from which you may drink and take your fill, so that you may create an existence that comes to reflect this fullness of loving.

All change arises from within and is fed by the soul, who has need, the greatest need, to drink from the love within My soul, My light, and this garden of Divinity. This soul (magnetic/feeling body) needs to be fed and to return to the true Source of his/her loving, which is the light, the light that exists inside of you, within the garden of My heart.

As your soul truly receives here, as your heart is filled with heaven, as all wounds of struggling and trying—in separation and aloneness—are healed, then your connection to divinity is restored and transformation naturally occurs.

Through this connection, to the place of Divinity within, you finally realize that all that you have ever wanted is love, a love that is intricately connected to every part of your heart, soul, and being; the need for love underlies every other need that you have, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and materially.

As love is found and received from with Me, the unified Spirit that is both Mother and Father, essence and form, then you simply see and feel your existence in a different way, for you have come to see the light.

You come to rest upon the truth of love, and this truth, in turn, conveys to you: that everything is created from the light within, that is of course fed by the river that is Our light and loving for you. So, as the cup of Self is filled, as your soul's need becomes fulfilled in this way, then every need is fulfilled though Our loving. Then you are freed, and your existence becomes an outpouring of the love, the light, and the Divinity that you have found within. This Divine essence then flows outward into your existence and creations. All this arises as you come to deeply realize that everything rest within Our love, within this garden of everything, that is the Divinity within you.

Integration, meditation experience.
I offer to you the opportunity to experience this reality of heaven within you and your life, by truly surrendering and open your energy field to receive from within the garden of rest, the garden of My heart and loving. This place is waiting you and is always welcoming you to come and to drink from the well of Spirit within.

Begin this process by taking a few deep breaths and connecting into your body, your heart, and feeling centers.

In the next few moments you will visualize this garden of everything, of divinity and loving, and you can imagine and connect to this in any way that you choose. Simply allow yourself to feel the loving that is present here for you, from Spirit and from My Spirit—your Divine Mother.

You open your energy by breathing into your feeling centers—breathing and opening to the feeling of loving within your heart and solar plexus area. Now you imagine a sacred place, a paradise, a beautiful healing garden with a river of Our loving, of Mother Father Spirit, just flowing in this place... Image and feel that in this sacred place there exists all the loving that you could need, everything that you could ever need, and that is here for you now... This loving is truly the answer to everything, every want or need that you have, and you recognize that as you fill yourself with this limitless love, that is available to you from this divine center, this fullness then becomes a river of light and loving that flows through you, into your life.

Take the time, in this meditation place, to truly be nurtured, to be fed by peace, and know that you are a daughter/son of Creation and that you are never left alone, for My love, Our love, is always with you. As you come home, to this garden of divinity within, you are made whole...
There is no more reaching or struggling for things on the outside any more, for the external is but a reflection, in part, of the creations of your light and heart—that are now being filled with the love of All-That-Is. It is time to see and to feel the realization: that everything is received and already given from the light of love, within, so that you need not struggle any more.

Come to see yourself in this landscape of heaven, the place of loving inside of you... Come to feel that you are always loved and healed here. This inner sacred place is your sanctuary, where you are always wanted and fully received. Come sit beside Me and the healing waters of heaven and drink your fill...

Come to this place often, for the answer to everything is love, to turn within and to find the love that exists beyond form.

Know that as you come to Me here, to rest and receive from the garden of heaven inside of Me and your own heart, then things will become far easier for you in your life and your existence. You will come to realize that you are not alone, and you will deeply know that everything is created from within this place of heaven's light inside of you. Therefore, to create the opportunity to receive, as part of a daily meditation practice, can create profound change. The transformation of experience, of Self and your life, truly can occur, as you drink from the well of Our love within.

Blessed be.

Channel: Morning Star ( Sally Jordan Austin)
Morning Star
(Sally Jordan Austin)


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Re: The Garden Of My Heart
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2012, 11:51:40 PM »
'Man is the gardener of his own soul. The Great Spirit has provided him with all that is necessary for it to grow in wisdom, grace and beauty. The implements are there, he has but to use them wisely and well.'


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