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Your Intrinsic value
« on: November 27, 2011, 09:15:46 PM »
Your Intrinsic Value

by Divine Spirit
through Morning Star's channel.

Your intrinsic value is a truth about you, that has existence beyond this temporal world and experience. Your intrinsic self-worth or value is the star of your eternal being. It is the essence of you, that exists within you. It is the sweet spark or drop of light that has emerged from the great lake of Our infinite being. This truth is unchanging, and exists beyond all time and this present incarnation of your earth experience. It is not subject to this world’s opinion of you, nor is it subject to even the opinion that you have about yourself at any given time of experience or even as you see yourself now. Your present view of yourself is not the full picture of All that is you, of all that is your light, your soul essence, and All that is your Spiritual being.

Throughout this journey, of the expression of Our love and truth that We share with you here, you will come to open more fully to this truth that is you, and even then you will only have captured a part of the reflection of the light that is your full eternal Self-being. Just as it is difficult for you to comprehend all that is God Goddess, it is also difficult for your human mind to fully comprehend all that is your eternal Self-being, and you don’t even have to make this your goal. You are receiving from this light of your eternal being and Our eternal being, and all that you need to do is to and drink from Our love and understanding.

You are always given exactly what is needed, at any given time. Our purpose, in sharing this teaching with you now, is to help you to realize how transitional your idea of yourself, and other's opinion of you, really is. It is based on a momentary reflection, an instant of awareness that is based on what you may be perceiving in any given instant. How others and this world see you, at any given time, is also only based on their present state of consciousness and how they see themselves.

What is perceived, as you, at any moment in your life and self, is at best only a sliver of the reality that exists in that moment, and this may hold truth or may not be the truth. The external does not and cannot hold the full truth about you. So, in this world, where status and value are defined by what it is that you are doing, achieving, being, and experiencing at any given time, is of course completely inaccurate and limited, and is a false basis upon which to determine your truth, your worth, and your value.

The outer experience is always changing and can be likened to waves upon the ocean, an ebbing and flowing tide of increase and decrease, of ever-changing experience. If you try to hold onto the tide and become attached to the experience of the external and try to define yourself through that experience, you are not going to find peace, and your sense of your self and your value will be unstable. Through external referencing, your stability is going to be transitory, and your life will be painful and fear-based. So, to find the constant of your internal divine experience, your home of certainty and the knowing of your truth, is to become free. To know this center of truth is to experience, in an intrinsic way, how much We, your Mother Father Spirit, love you and have always loved you and see you as beautiful and wonderful. Through this connection to Us you feel assured that We will help you to ride out any storm in the outer sphere of your existence and life reality.

This constant of Our truth and love for you, this constant of your own intrinsic, eternal, and spiritual value, is the answer—is the love that you are seeking. Through the deep knowingness of Our love and the truth of your being, you see yourself as the Divine essence of God Goddess. To see yourself as having existence within Our love, knowing that you are a part of Our nature, is to fill each moment of your Self and life with great joy, great loving, and a peace that is a constant part of your experience. This means that, no matter what is happening around you, no matter if you experience certain times as abundant and other times of perhaps not receiving as much, it does not matter, because you will always have worth, you will always have Our love. We will always sustain you and value you on every level. You are not defined by the transitory world around you, you are only defined by Our light and loving.

You are a part of the world, you have experiences within this world, but your true nature belongs to Us, and is defined by Us in every way. You are a child of God Goddess, you are a beautiful child of Our eternal light, that is ever-evolving and growing into accepting more of what is already within you and that has always been in existence: the eternal nature of your true Self being, that is love.

So, as you allow the old self images to fall by the way side, you release them into My river of love. Let the external aspects of this world and your life just be whatever they are, in any given moment, allow them to simply be a "what is." You don’t need to identify with them any more, or identify those externals as part of your who you are. They are not a part of your true nature, they are only momentary glimpses of an ever-changing world, reality, and old existence that surrounds you, and they are meaningless when looked at through the eternal divine Self of your great spirit and essential being. The external has never defined you, and it could never define the bright, brilliant, wonderful light this is your Divine Being.
Morning Star
(Sally Jordan Austin)