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Vastu, muhurta and remedies advised in Astrology
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:46:35 AM »
Vastu, muhurta and remedies advised in Astrology

The presiding deities of the planets are controlled by various forms of God in turn indicating the God Himself.

The astrology-ladder leads ultimately to God only.

The vastu and muhurta are only the partial components of the astrology and cannot totally control any result

God is the ultimate authority and the planets are simply the executing officials of His will in the direction of reformation of the soul

A sinner cannot escape the results of his sins simply by getting good advices in vastu and muhurta.

Finally everything happens according to God’s will only.

The destiny, which is the will of God, finally sees that good comes to good people and bad comes to bad people

Every person has both good and bad fruits and there is no absolute good and absolute bad person

Shri Swami replied: Astrology consisting of certain precautions to be taken in vastu, muhurta and remedies advised on studying  the horoscopes etc., need not be separated from the spiritual knowledge. There are two levels in the spiritual path: 1) The initial level in which God or His unimaginable powers called as planets (actually the presiding deities of the planets) have to be prayed and worshiped for the sake of worldly problems. This is a business level, which is one and the same in the spiritual knowledge as well as astrology.

2) The second higher level of spiritual knowledge is to worship and serve the God leaving this lower level of business. Here, the astrology vanishes because it is only in the lower spiritual level dealing with God or planets with unimaginable power.

The first lower level of spiritual knowledge was not different from astrology in the ancient days. Later on, astrology with the names of planets and spiritual traditions with the names of forms of God are separated because the astrologers and priests liked to separate their business fields while exploiting innocent public for their earnings. The initial level is always with defects, which are unavoidable since the beginners are with several defects, the main defect being high selfishness (sarvarambhahi- Gita).

The presiding deities of the planets are controlled by various forms of God in turn indicating the God Himself. Thus, the astrology-ladder leads ultimately to God only. The vastu and muhurta are only the partial components of the astrology and cannot totally control any result. If a sinner is not to get good results of vastu and muhurta, he will meet a wrong astrologer only and enjoys his bad fruits. A person, who has to enjoy good fruits only meets a good astrologer and gets good advises to enjoy his good fruits. Even if the bad/good person meets good/bad astrologer, their brains will lose faith in the astrologers. The destiny or fate works here, which is nothing but the inevitable implementation of the results of the actions ordained by God at that time. All this procedure is only the implementation part of the fruits by the officials in the direction of the will of God. God is the ultimate authority and the planets are simply the executing officials of His will in the direction of reformation of the soul. Therefore, a sinner cannot escape the results of his sins simply by getting good advices in vastu and muhurta.

If God’s will is that the sinner should be punished at a specific time, bad astrologer will come in his contact and will lead to the bad result through wrong vastu and wrong muhurta, which are thought to be good by the bad astrologer. If God’s will is that even a sinner should be given some gap in the enjoyment of the bad fruits, a good astrologer will help him in that direction. An astrologer is also a human being and can err sometimes giving opposite predictions. In view of all these factors, finally everything happens according to God’s will only. The astrology is only the subject of the mechanical implementation of the fruits as per the will of God in His psychological treatment of His issues. Sages have written both good and bad vastu and muhurta. The destiny, which is the will of God, finally sees that good comes to good people and bad comes to bad people. But, in the course of the treatment, even a good person may have to be given the bad fruit and vice-versa as per the will in the treatment by God. Every person has both good and bad fruits and there is no absolute good and absolute bad person. Hence, you cannot say that one person is absolutely good or bad. This is a very complicated cycle differing from one case to the other as per the procedure of the treatment done by God, which is also highly specific to each case. Generalisation of all the cases is impossible since the analysis of even a single case brings lot of head-ache when you consider all the supporting and cancelling curves in the path of implementation.

The scientific procedure of the results by the unimaginable powers of God, called as the presiding deities of the planets, is expressed as astrology by the sages Parashara and Jaimini with the grace of God only. No doubt, the good vastu and good muhurta are expressed in astrology. But, before you catch that good muhurta and good vastu, so many forces play in between and there is a long way between the cup and lip. Before you sip the coffee by your lip from the cup, anything may happen including the final destruction of the world (Maha pralaya)!

I give an example for this. My father was a great astrologer. My father sympathised a poor priest and suggested him to put a small hut at least in his site on one muhurtam (auspicious time), which, according to him can possibly come after sixty years only. The priest did not follow the advice of My father and sold the same muhurtam for just hundred rupees to four farmers, who raised huts in the same time in their fields far from their petty village, called Vamanapalem. The priest presided over the function of foundation of the huts of the farmers and could not use it for himself. Those four huts developed tremendously and became a big village with in very short time and slowly became a small city called Jayapuram! Therefore, the play of destiny is very powerful and the person will close his eyes and walk in the way till he crossed over the lump of gold placed by Goddess Lakshmi to favour him. In spite of all these, the unimaginable relationship between good or bad and a particular time or specific dimensions of the rooms in the house is unimaginable.

 I know several people, who criticize astrology externally and follow it secretly saying that their wives insisted on it! I hate such hypocrisy. We cannot deny such major lot of humanity believing in astrology, especially when there is a fair opportunity to correlate the astrology with the spiritual knowledge. When there is a way for compromise, clash is unnecessary and it is our duty to show the spiritual path to this major lot, which quotes countless instances of correct predictions throughout the world.

Astrology is well believed science throughout the world. You yourself wrote a message about the prediction of Nostradamus on My delivery of this spiritual knowledge. A genius scientist from the part of a country surrounded by three seas will come in future to correlate all the religions in this world by which the borders between religions disappear. Is it not exactly true in My case? These predictions should not be taken as mere outcomes of astrology, but also, should be taken as the foretelling of future by the blessing of God. Astrologers worship God to a great extent for achieving the accuracy in the predictions. Lord Dattatreya is supposed to be worshiped in this aspect. Hence, the spiritual knowledge is inherently blended with the astrology and correlation in the concepts can be easily achieved by the sharp analysis. Jesus criticized astrologers in His time since they were trying to reduce the importance of God and spiritual knowledge and were trying to establish that everything proceeds by the control of planets, which are other than God. Jesus criticized such misinterpreted astrology projected by the atheistic astrologers. We will also throw away such atheistic form of astrology.

 In essence, God is the final authority in the case of any unimaginable aspect. You will attain everything, good or bad by the will of God only, which is the destiny of your so called destiny. However, this does not bind you to the concept of fate because this world is karma loka giving you full freedom to develop or destroy yourself. The freedom runs in parallel with the psychological treatment done by God without interfering each other. The parallel line of freedom shows the results of the treatment done by God. If there is a real change due to the treatment, it gets reflected in the parallel line of freedom in which you act freely without the influence of any other factor. The treatment and the test of the signs of the betterment run as parallel lines as components of the divine program of the psychological cure of the soul by God.

God does not care for the astrology because it is only His way of arrangement of the duties to be performed in His divine administration. His will only gets implemented finally even if you carefully study the constitution of His administration. Kauravas fixed the Amavasya as the muhurtam for the war in which the victory is certain, as per the advice of Sahadeva, the opponent, who follows the principle of giving correct advice in astrology whoever may ask for it. Lord Krishna fixed the muhurtam one day before Amavasya on which the defeat is certain. Lord Krishna started doing the Amavasya-ritual one day before. The Sun and Moon were confused and appeared before the Lord stating that tomorrow is only Amavasya. The Lord asked them the day by which Amavasya can be recognised. Both told that when Sun and Moon come together, it is recognised as Amavasya-day. The Lord told that since both are together, that day itself must be Amavasya! Finally, the will of God prevailed over everything and even the presiding deities of Sun and Moon planets could not stand wise before the Lord. Hence, astrology cannot do anything against the will of God.

My father used to force Me to give predictions in astrology and concentrate on the subject. He thought that I had no interest in the subject and hence is not studying it deeply. I wrote a commentary in Sanskrit on Jaimini sutras in astrology in one week and presented it to My father. My father studied it and was astonished to see the ideas in the commentary and stated that the points invented by him in the span of 50 years of study were totally presented in the commentary. My father told that in spite of such deep knowledge, what is the reason that I do not take interest in astrology! I told “I am interested in the spiritual knowledge and both philosophy and astrology can be called as Jyoutisha Shastram, which means that it is the subject of light (Jyoti). The nine lights are the planets and the light supplying radiation to these nine lights is called as the ultimate light as per the Veda (param jyotih...). Hence, I also concentrate on Jyoutisha Shastram. The difference between you and Me is only that I am interested in the ultimate light and you are interested in the nine output lights”. Since then, My father never forced Me in this point.

Astrology is considered to be one of the six shastras believed by our ancient people from a long time, which was used to decide the time of performance of a sacrifice. However, we need not give any weight to the subject if it contradicts the sharp logical analysis in case it contradicts the real spiritual path. If you filter out the astrology of the recent selfish and commercial astrologers, I find no opposition by astrology to the spiritual path. In view of the lot of majority following it sincerely quoting several instances of true predictions, in the light of existence of unimaginable events called miracles indicating the unimaginable God, in the light of possible co-relationship with the divine administration of unimaginable God and in the view of smooth merge of these believers with the subject of spiritual knowledge, I find no need to throw away the astrology as the enemy. When the ideals are exactly same, two political parties merge together and there is nothing wrong in such union. All the contradictions between the two subjects are superficial only and find unity on sharp logical analysis. Astrology was called as Jyoutisha shastram (subject of light) since it was part of philosophy, which is also the subject of light. The light in both the subjects was the ultimate light or absolute God only. The astrology was also thus, related to the subject of ultimate light only and in due course of time, it was separated as the subject of nine output lights. Even these nine output lights are only the executing officials of the administration of the ultimate light, astrology is not contradicting philosophy even today.


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