Author Topic: Exercise Technique for You: How to Open the Third Eye  (Read 1552 times)


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Exercise Technique for You: How to Open the Third Eye
« on: November 04, 2012, 05:41:08 PM »
"Some people feel the point of pressure on their forehead sometimes, between their eyes, they should exercise this technique.
This is the technique of the stimulation of the third eye. It is powerfull technique.
You can exercise at every position of your body, when you sit on chair in front of computer, lay on bed, or sit on couch and watching tv for example.
When you feel the pressure in point between your eyes, tickle and prickling sensation, try to stimulate this feeling of pressure by concentrating on this point. Feel your forehead pulsating, and vibrations there. The feeling start expanding out of forehead, in your head starts the pain, if you feel pain it mean that your 3rd eye chakra is cleansing from dirtyness that has been accumulating since you haven't using it.

After 2 days you will start seeing auras as white half-transparent surroundings around people's heads and arms on tv on live.
When you see white auras, that are moving after heads and arms, it means that you can already remote view. Close your eyes and concentrate on dark screen. After few seconds the screen will be filled with colourful images that are moving, very often abstractive. Some say that it is similar to acid visions, though I don't use acid.
You can develop second sight and end on this point, or you can go further and try with telekinesis, clairvoyance with opened eyes(it will come to you naturally) and when you will be developing third eye exercising, you will start seeing also colours in auras, because blank aura is etheric body that you see just at the beginning.
That's all."


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