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Third Eye Chakra - The Inner Eye
« on: May 03, 2009, 06:22:47 PM »
The Third Eye The mystic traditions of many cultures refer to a location eithernear the crown of the head, just above the meeting point of the eyes or at the anterior fontanelle as the seat of spiritual/psychic potential.

The Pineal GlandIn modern times, this point has been connected with the ductless organ known as the pineal gland. Indeed, the ancient Chinese drawings show that they did indeed knew of the location and shape of the pineal and related it with the highest chakra (pai hui in reiki).

Time and Cycles There is on the island of New Zealand (Aoroatea) a particular reptile that still preserves the pineal gland in its original form as a type of "third eye." Here the eye is located at the top of the head and is always open. The pineal gland is associated with involuntary and unconscious activities. Indeed it is an hormonal gland that regulates processes linked with time cycles. On a daily basis, it regulates sleep and dream activities through the release of melatonin, serotonin and similar substances. The pineal gland also seems to effect the aging process and regulates sexual maturation.

The Soul and Spirit Because of the glands involvement in dreaming and the "alpha" states associated with meditation, even modern thinkers have related it with spirituality. Descartes called the pineal gland the "seat of the soul." Research is now underway to see if there are some biomagnetic processes involved with the pineal gland since it appears to control the bionavigational abilities of birds and other creatures. When the gland is removed, these animals lose their natural orientation.

Development Cycles The pineal gland not only tracks daily cycles known as circadian rhythms, but also lunar cycles and yearly cycles. Some have even postulated that puberty might be related to the orbit of Jupiter and that astrology has part of its basis on the pineal gland's ability to sense cyclic time.

Extra Sensory Perception In the Philippines, the third eye is used by healers to "see" what cannot be seen with ordinary human eye. The question arises as to whether the pineal gland is stimulated by energy outside the visible light spectrum. Given the fact that birds and other animals can migrate in any weather, one might deduce that this is the case. Scientists note that migrating animals travel irrespective of whether it is night or day, clear or cloudy. Thus, it appears that their pineal glands are able to sense energy at various levels.

Spiritual Medium The Filipino healer can be either male or female, and most often it was the latter who played the part of spiritual medium. The ancestors and gods often spoke to the people through these mediums. One might attribute these rituals again to the third eye, the giver of dreams and visions. Scientists have postulated that the imaginary friends of youngsters may be due to their very active pineal glands. After puberty, the organ reduces its size and activity drastically.

Connecting with Spirit Does the pineal gland allow us to sense energy and even completely energy-based life that the ordinary eye cannot? The ancients seemed to think so. Their ability to see and communicate with ancestors, spirits, deities and even God, seemed to rest on an inner vision that was opened only by secretive and rigorous methods.

Science is Crazy The modern scientist might attribute this also to the pineal gland, but in the sense of pure hallucination. Indeed, the pineal gland produces the chemicals that cause dreams and that produce normal hallucinations. However, strangely the ancient savants seemed to realize this also to some extent. They warned that unregulated attempts to stimulate the spiritual center near the crown of the head could cause lunacy and destruction of health.

A Need For Meaning But then the question arises as to why the pineal gland, which seems to be connected in a practical way with cyclic regulation, produces hallucinogenic chemicals? Is this a way of making "sense" in a "normal" optical way of energy signatures that would otherwise be meaningless to us?

We learn to relate to the physical world with our regular eyes by practice. We can associate vision with our other senses such as touch, taste, hearing and smell. This is the world of our everyday lives. But on a more subtle energy plane, we cannot not generally relate what we "see" to our other senses. If we assume "spirits" exist, we may be able to sense them with our third eye, but we may not be able to feel them through our sense of touch.

By translating energy signatures into visions that we are familar with through the process of hallucinogenic hormones, we can relate what our third eyes "sees" to our everyday world.

Making Sense What is the purpose of dreaming and why, if we don't do it enough, does our health deterioriate? One could say that dreaming may be a way for the body to shut down and process what is going on all around it on the subtle level. It knows things are going on through organs like the pineal gland, but it is unable to handle the load while operating in the world of the regular senses. This is obvious enough. I can't drive a car while trying to see things through my third eye.

Awakening We know know that the pineal gland is most active at night or during sleep. When are body is resting and our other senses are "turned off" we may be able to then "work out" what is going on around us in the world of the earthly spirits or anitos. Thus, in dream state we may be able to communicate with "gods" and ancestors, or to see how they interact with the physical world. We may be able to interpret auras and fluctuations that we see around people and events that we aren't able to using our regular sense. In the dream state, not only spirits, but physical creatures, including other people, might try to communicate with us, or influence or impose their will on us. All of these possibilities seem to agree with what ancient wisdom ascribed to dream states.

Careful Opening The spiritual practitioner attempts to utilize the third eye while awake and lucid. On some occasions, even "normal" people might have similar experiences such as the child with imaginary friends or people who see ghosts. The causes here though are not directly controlled by the subject. In spiritual practice, one attempts to "open" and control the pineal gland by meditative process. Control is an important word here. Without control the release of hallucinogens could cause errant visions which have more to do with imagination, sensuality, fear and desire than anything on a subtle energy plane. In other words, the carnal part of the mind would use the hallucinogenic substances to satisfy its own needs.

Destroying Illusion The seer would control this part of the mind. Indeed in Indian legend, Siva "opens" his third eye to destroy Kama, the god of passion and desire. This is interesting because the pineal gland does play a part in "delaying" sexual maturity. Thus, within the pineal gland itself there is a mechanism to control the otherwise healthy carnal impulses (that drive the need for reproduction, eating, etc.) from manipulating the released hallucinogens. The opening of Siva's eye also faciliates the destruction of the physical universe in Indian lore. Could this allude to the suppression of the physical world of our regular eyes, to enter the spiritual world of the third eye.

Seeing the Light By entering that latter world the pineal gland becomes the "all-seeing eye" of Horus, the Egyptian falcon god. It has been stated that the Uraeus of the Egyptian Pharoahs represents the third eye of wisdom. If so, then the use of the serpent to represent the Uraeus is quite appropriate. Reptiles still maintain the pineal gland near or at the surface of the skin where it is directly light-sensitive like our normal eyes.

Seeing The Self In healing, the third eye allows us to look at our different "selves." In the lore of the Hawaiian kahuna, there are at least three kino, or "bodies," in each individual. The lower kino corresponds to the physical body. The middle kino is the subtle body of energy that inhabits the physical body while we are still alive. The upper body is that which resides beyond this world even as we live, but whose activities we have only little knowledge of. The kahuna communicates with the higher self by connecting the "aka" cord that extends through the anterior fontanelle up into the higher realms where our spirit bodies dwell.

For purposes of healing, one tends mostly to the lower physical body and to the middle subtle body. The physical body is seen through the eyes, but the subtle body must be seen through the inner eye.
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Re: Third Eye Chakra - The Inner Eye
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kudos for this post. this explains so much in simple terms.


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