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Forgiveness is a word that has been misunderstood. Forgiveness is something we think means we are given a 'get out of jail free card' when we forgive someone who wronged us, or being forgiven by others we wronged. Returning to GOD has nothing to do with forgiveness unless we can 'FORGIVE OURSELVES FIRST'. This is what leads to compassion for others. First we must acknowledge the way we hurt others and STOP it.

The only way to find redemption is to identify the pattern first, followed by a sincere discussion with GOD asking for help to NEVER do it again, no matter what the offense was or to who. It is GOD we need to address for our salvation, NOT others. GOD does not judge us, but waits for us to come to the right choice without being forced by fear, but understanding through humility and repentance. Once we are honest enough with ourselves to see how we can improve, we can begin the process of...well...improving for the sake of being a better person, KNOWING GOD was only waiting on us to do the right thing all along. GOD was NEVER JUDGING US....ONLY WAITING.

Guilt over past incidents is a waste of time when we make our agreement with GOD to change. GUILT is wasting another day in self pity we could give back to GOD in service to others in the way we are able to. Even if just giving a smile to a person that has been overlooked by others. Once we change, there is no longer an obstacle in our life to overcome except the emotional baggage that follows us called guilt.

Guilt is an emotion that is anchored into this reality as a dark angel that is a consciousness. It feeds on minds that are in shame. Its purpose is to give us a clue that something is wrong only within our Spirit, NOT to be a punishment for past deeds. Holding onto guilt lowers our emotional state allowing other 'dark' consciousness to then inhabit us and wreck our lives in other ways.

It is NOT necessary to receive forgiveness from those that we have harmed because that is THEIR LESSON TO LEARN in this life that was provided to them by us while we acted subconsciously and were 'nudged' by the dark.. The dark we do always serves the LIGHT in some way.  Emotionally destructive challenges in EVERYONE'S life gives us new ways to act in accordance with the DIVINE, and grow towards a greater consciousness of compassion and unconditional LOVE.

Expanding our ability to have compassion and unconditional LOVE  is our ONLY PURPOSE.

We all have done things acting unconsciously because of our nature and the world we live in that puts its emphasis on the physical body and self-interest. We are programmed like little computers from the time we are born to be selfish on purpose to keep us from progressing Spiritually which keeps us locked into a cycle of death and rebirth for eternity until we learn.

Pain is our greatest teacher and those that hurt us are our greatest teachers and LOVES on the other side of the veil. Although, we may not ever understand it in this life. They are the ones that loved us enough to be the one to help us grow knowing we only grow through pain. It is the adversity that gives us something to reflect on and the reason TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

Although there are 'forces' that may want to keep us in this realm and control our subconscious, the HEART of those that are ready will begin to AWAKEN to their true nature...LOVE. Sometimes we think it is too late in our life when we 'get it', since those who made us 'aware' of our faults are gone in our life, but we are actually learning right on time.

GOD is never late or has problems...just plans we are unable to understand because of the pain. To see the 'plan' we must release our pain by forgiving our self, and accepting our place in this life NOW. This unlocks a HIGHER KNOWING and our purpose is not know it yet...?


Then you will have the needed compassion to see pain in others where judgments once lived in your HEART. Compassion for others comes from forgiving the things that others did, that we may see in our self at times.  Otherwise it would be a pitiful sight watching such self-destructive behavior. This includes the 'rulers' who wish to enslave us. They actually serve a fantastic service, and can be viewed as children who cannot help what they are by their very nature of being. They cannot change and it is why they should be pitied above all.

Once we forgive our self we can begin the task of releasing old grudges against others because we KNOW they were ALSO ONLY ACTING ACCORDING TO THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS EGO, NOT THEIR REAL SELF. It is a sincere relationship with GOD that is the KEY to peace of Heart when we ask the HOLY SPIRIT to enter us and release the guilt, and anger in our hearts. However asking alone is not sufficient, we must practice it daily until the path of CHRIST until it becomes natural.

We did not fall overnight and we will not get up overnight either.  GOD forgives you already...Forgive yourself and be the example of unconditional LOVE and compassion through actions, not recognition by others.

Evil forces serve the saints, for they have been blinded by the HOLY SPIRIT into thinking they are helping their own people when they are really helping the saints....Holy Spirit and Evil Forces (The Gospel of Phillip)

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Warren, I'd enjoy comments on Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM), detailed here
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2012, 06:26:58 AM »
Warren, I'd love any comments you have on this gift eBook.

Forgive from Your Soul; Slow-Motion Self-Forgiveness(SM)101, the Missing Manual, How-to eBook
From from, Best Practices in Energy Healing
as long as credit is given to
Gift experiential sessions ~ 310-280-1176
Training available

Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM) is a new way to practice self-forgiveness.  It places the lion's share of work on the client, not on the facilitator.

SMF converges two techniques, self-muscle-testing and self-forgiving.
This reports on ten years of work with clients, using Love, Light & Sound as the context for self-healing.
The experiments below are designed for home use; ideally, with a Healing Buddy of your own choosing, so you can trade practice time.
SMF places the lion's share of change-work on the client, not on the facilitator. This means less expert persons can facilitate more change work.
Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM) has much in common with Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication [] and a few earlier peer counseling methods.
Forgive from Your Soul; Slow-Motion Self-Forgiveness(SM), the Missing Manual ~ How-to eBook
From, Best Practices in Energy Healing
as long as credit is given to
Gift experiential sessions ~ 310-280-1176
Training available
This reports on ten years of forgiving with clients using muscle testing and Love, Light & Sound as Partners. The short version is SMF converges self-muscle-testing and self-forgiving.
If you work with Forgiveness as a soul action, it will be safe to share this with family, friends and clients--as long as you keep forgiving each other in each session! Practice using it in the context of Soul and Above, and simply have at it!
To navigate the more challenging bottlenecks of your own and individual cases, it really helps if you can do client-controlled-testing, self-muscle-testing, of any kind. See for the latest ways to acquire these methods.
Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM) simplifies both the language and the method of self-forgiving. Everyone who wants to, can learn this. Like Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication (NVC), it invites people to try new language in new ways. For this reason the first (SM)F session requires coaching. After that, anyone wishing to, can compose their own “forgiveness formulas” and practicing.
Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM) cancels and replaces a dysfunctional language idea: forgiveness works like affirmations do.
Forgiveness does not work like affirmations. Affirmations are analogous to addition; forgiveness is analogous to subtraction. In our habit body, we have to subtract first before we can rebuild in, add in, new content. Most of our growth as souls having the human experience will be subtraction. Subtraction first.
We don't distinguish clearly between who we are as a person from the behavior and choices we make. That distinction needs to be clarified ~ Mary Hulnick, Co-Founder of University of Santa Monica, Spiritual Psychology Program, 2011 at a live event.
Forgiveness, the forgotten super-hero of growth
If being spiritually self-reliant is your goal, self-forgiveness is HUGE.
Forgiveness is FUN, if you find and practice with a Healing Buddy.
If you can think of a more common, effective tool for self-healing than self-forgiveness, please tell me.
Few people seem to understand enuf about Forgiveness to get full effective use. With a little education about how unresolved issues are formed, stored and released below the level of the rational mind, you can get get much more "oomph" out of forgiveness for growth.
Un-learning mistaken two mistaken ideas about forgiveness
Two conventional ideas limit the benefits we receive from self-forgiveness. First, we misunderstand forgiveness in the simplest of math terms. Most growth in the Earth experience, below the conscious mind, is a SUBTRACTION PROCESS.
Education for the conscious mind works like addition because our conscious self starts out as a blank slate. Everything gets added back in during infancy and childhood.
Predictably we approach Forgiveness the same way, as if it was an addition process. This is why the first popular approach to Forgiveness, in modern terms, was thru affirmations, thanks to Louise Hay in the early 1980s. Thanks to Louise and the affirmation boom of the 1980s, most of us are very familiar with affirmations, the additive math process in growth.
But Forgiveness does not work additively; Forgiveness is analogous to the subtraction process. Forgiveness, not affirmations, is the primary subtractive process. This is because most personal-spiritual growth is a SUBTRACTION process, a releasing process, a letting-go process. If most growth was additive; then yes, affirmations would supercede forgiveness.
When people use forgiveness like affirmations, they get little effectiveness out of forgiveness, like trying to drive a car only in reverse. It's using the tool improperly, like trying to open an unlocked door with a hammer. You don't need a hammer, just turn the door handle; the door opens easily.
Forgiveness is primarily active at a much different frequency than our linear, sequential, rational mind. Forgiveness is primarily an action of and an action in our sub- and unconscious levels, tracking all the way back and up to our eternal-immortal soul.
Dysfunctional habits in our sub- and unconscious are all very accessible here in the physical 3D experience, much more accessible here in 3D than after we die or before we are born. RIGHT HERE is the ideal place to SUBTRACT, clear, resolve, shed and release unresolved disturbances in our sub- and unconscious This is a primary value of the Earth experience.
Feeling “stuck" means you're facing multiple unresolved issues
The second conventional idea limiting the benefits we receive from self-forgiveness is we disregard how "being stuck" anywhere in life, is nothing more nor less than FACING MULTIPLE ISSUES. We don't slow down; we don't “chunk down” and make our issues a "cinch by the inch;" we try to eat the while enchilada in one gulp. We forget our unconscious is developmentally equal to a three year old.
Our rational, intellectual mind, either thinking or feeling, can process an either-or question. Even a teenager can respond to a multiple choice question. A three year old cannot do either. Our subconscious is more like a three year old.
Our rational, intellectual mind is our "oldest self" developmentally; our subconscious is always developmentally "younger;" and, our UNconscious is youngest of all, has the least language and the fewest sensory channels open. So the younger a disturbance is in or biography the more common it is to feel stuck; because, our younger selves have many, many fewer Tools That Heal than we do as independently thinking adults.
Virtually every time anyone anywhere, is stuck for any reason; myself included, it's because multiple unresolved incidents are present, bubbling up from slower and lower frequencies, below our Speedy Gonzalez rational mind.
"Being stuck" is the "deer in head lights" phenomena, "Do I stay here or do I run now?" It gets more complex if where you are is comfortable and nourishing. If danger is present, then both running and staying have a cost.
Whether to stay or to run, how we both love and hate our mother, appreciate and despise our job--these are all alive inside us, below the surface. But they must wait for the rational mind to address and sort them out. Leave a two or three year old to decide if they want choice, A, B, C, or D--and they may break out crying.
The very young child is not equipped to respond to multiple choices and that is what your unconscious is. The very young child is equipped to respond to one thing at a time. The deeper you go in the sub- and unconscious, the more this is true. Our rational mind can process an either-or question; a teenager can respond to a multiple choice question; a three year old can tell you if they want mango slices or an ice cream cone.
Please remember; almost every time you have trouble with a question, it's because you have multiple questions in one question, or multiple decision makers involved, or both. So when in doubt, chunk down the choices to just one. That's what your inner three year old wants.
Forgiveness 101, the Missing Manual
In virtually every unresolved issue, MULTIPLE INCIDENTS inhere. Your child within is sitting there You have to give your subconscious opportunity and time to delete all the incidences. You can take this to the bank: it's never just one incident. That will almost always be an abstraction, not what the inner child is stuck on.
Slow-Motion Forgiveness (SM), a better way to forgive
The Missing Manual
We have to step back from what we think we know about forgiving and look at it in relationship with judgments.
The two are virtually opposite poles.
The way forgiveness works in the inner child is based on how judgment works in the inner child.
How judgment works in the inner child (lots of new concepts here; feel free to re-read this several times)
One job the basic self, the inner child, has is recording and storing unresolved disturbances.
Unresolved disturbances are any experiences charged with negativity the soul has not yet addressed and extracted learning from. The soul knows all 3D experiences are valuable and useful.
In service to the soul, the inner child records and holds onto all unresolved experiences.
This means the inner child is also holding onto the negativity until the soul addresses the disturbance.
This is why all of us, me included, carry so much negativity: we have plenty of unresolved disturbances yet to address. So don't feel like the Lone Ranger. If you get stuck, give me a call or anyone else you trust who has resolved issues at the level you wish to work.
The inner child holds onto the disturbed energetic until the soul accesses and extracts the life learnings held in that memory.
Example of how issues form
Example (1) As adults we stub our toe or break a vase at home. We exclaim, curse, talk about it, possibly cry--all movements of our diaphragm--and we go on.
Example (2) We have a disturbing experience as a child. We are too young to process it to resolution. We go on--and we store the memory and feelings of the disturbing incident as a "story" so that one day, the good, beautiful and true can be separated out and used by the soul. Then the remaining waste, any mental-emotional residue after learning has been extracted, is eliminated.
Where are these unresolved experienced stored? Anywhere the inner child can put them. First it stores them in the subconscious mind. But not too much room there. When that gets full the inner child has no choice but to store them in the unconscious; there's more room there. However the physical body is also at the frequency of the unconscious. So unresolved disturbances stored in the unconscious are also stored in the body according to the psychology of the meridians and psychology of major organs and glands.
All habits and issues formed thru repetition
We form and create our issues the same way we form and create any other habit, thru repetition.
We learn to tie our own shoelaces in kindergarten by practice by repetition.
Reactivity is a two-edged sword. Behavior conditioned to repeat automatically, "quick responses" can save our life--or ruin a relationship.
Rehearse any negative experience enuf times and the inner child remembers it too.
Example of how an issue with betrayal forms
Say you have an issue with feeling betrayed; any suspicion of future betrayal triggers you into uncomfortable reaction; you are super-sensitive to any hint you might be betrayed again.
Do you think this formed from feeling betrayed one time? Or do you think this reaction formed from feeling betrayed over and over?
Q: What if I was physically betrayed only once but then thought about this one incident every day for 30 years?
A: Our inner child lives in fairy tale time, past-present-future all squished together. Remembering a disturbance every day, recalling the uncomfortable images and feelings of that one incident over and over, is the same as reliving it over and over, for the inner child, from your neck down.
This same metaphor applies to learning to tie your shoelaces, mastering negative numbers in pre-algebra, or learning to live with 'God as my Partner,' all of them habits learned thru reinforcement, each of them a "song to be learned and sung."
A bona fide "issue" requires many instances of repeating that negativity. Once it has "heard the song" enuf times, it eventually learns how to "sing the song" itself.
Once a "song" has been learned, the inner child keeps singing that song until you tell it to "sing a different tune."
Most of our problems are with "songs" repeating in endless loops in our unconscious, us unaware of this, from the neck up.
This is one value of spiritual exercises, of any kind: you get quiet enuf to hear the next song still playing away down there and can change to a happier tune.
These unresolved hurts, judgments, "sad songs," are sometimes described by clairvoyants as "pins," to switch metaphors again. Hence the commonly heard phrase “human pin cushion.”
How the inner child keeps track of unresolved hurts
We all have lots of unresolved hurts our inner child is keeping track of. The more hurts we can subtract, the more sad songs we can change to happy tunes, the less oppression our cells feel and this is how growing personally and spiritually can be anti-aging for the body.
When we have many instances of the same unresolved feeling, the inner child needs a simpler way to keep track of these incidents--it simply numbers them: the first time I allowed myself to feel betrayed and let down, the second time I allowed myself to feel betrayed and let down, etc.
That’s the bad news: each incident of feeling betrayed IS recorded. The good news is, since incidents are recorded by the number, they can be forgiven by the number! It's easy! The hard part is getting clients to see how easy this is and not to struggle.
How to do Slow-Motion Forgiveness (SM)
“I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel __________ (i.e. betrayal), the first time, the second time, the third time 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 . . .
Q: How do I know slow-motion forgiveness™ is working for me?
A: You are looking for any inner shift of your energy. Anything. Count as long as energy continues to shift, move and clear. There is no ritual here. If no energy moves, try changing-adjusting the forgiveness target emotion.
Q: How high do I count?
A: Keep counting as long as energy moves inside you. I ask clients in 1:1 sessions to count to 30 or 50. In the next three days, it can be very healing for clients do it again--as long as energy moves somehow. I count to 1000 on my own issues. I often do this walking, one number per step.
Q: How do I know if I have identified the best target emotion?
A: If energy moves, it’s a “hit.” If nothing moves, change something. Please do make up your own verbal formulas and try them! You know you have the right word formula if energy moves and clears. Feel free to change the words to “hit the nail more on the head.” This is trial and error, simple scientific method. NLP puts it this way, “If you don’t get the result you wish, try something else.” The University of Santa Monica (USM)) puts it this way, “Make something up,” (MSU).
Q: What will I feel?
A: Often clients cannot feel the energy move. A more intuitive person can tell them what’s occurring. The typical experience is throwing off a burden you no longer wish to carry. This feels like throwing off a wet blanket. Give me a phone call if you get stuck.
To Learn More:
Forgiveness, the Key to the Kingdom by John-Roger. Summary: Virtually nothing on the “how to” of forgiveness yet any page you turn to has the frequency of forgiveness.
Bruce co-founded the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. A trained Waldorf teacher, he's also USM, Peace Theological Seminary, BreakThrough Parenting and NVC-trained. He has eleven years of professional practice and 11 books/eBooks on Kindle, Amazon, Scribd. Find him at
A Health Intuitive using Therapeutic Storytelling, Bruce assists people who wish to avoid drugs and surgery. Working by phone and with your permission, he talks directly with your immune system to learn what is oppressing your cells. He shows you how to throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. Bruce doesn't work from his own very limited mind; rather, from your own Guidance. They know much better than I!
Together we uncover, identify, and clear unresolved disturbances. Cellular regeneration and awakening is the inevitable result.
Bruce is not a doctor and does not treat. He simply has decades of experience using Tools That Heal and what works for people to Awaken their own Inner Healer.
If you get stuck, give me a call.
Did you enjoy this? Please do copy and share on facebok, with your friends. VERBATIM REPRODUCTION ENCOURAGED as long as credit is given to
Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson assists people who wish to avoid drugs and surgery. Working by phone/Skype; and with your permission, he talks directly with your immune system to learn what's oppressing your cells. He shows you how to throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry.
Bruce doesn't work from his own very limited mind; rather, from your own Guidance. Your Benefactors know you much better than I how best you can heal!
Bruce co-founded the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. A trained Waldorf teacher, he's also USM, Peace Theological Seminary, BreakThrough Parenting and NVC-trained. He has eleven years of professional practice and 13 books/eBooks on Kindle, Amazon, Scribd. Find him at
Gift phone-Skype sessions between 8 AM and 9:30 PM PST only.
Phone 310-280-1176 ~ Skype: SelfHealingCoach
I'm thinking a large fraction of new culture you and I will be creating now will begin around healing / self-healing activity; from there, to intentional community.


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