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I am a sinner
« on: October 15, 2012, 04:11:15 PM »
There is a saying that goes, "Sinners make the best Saints"..And it is for this reason I write this article. To state openly I am a sinner, who strives to be with GOD, not attain a 'title' of 'enlightened'. Titles are only created to pull an ego into the pursuit of distinction from ones fellow man. It is a way to divide people into classes or groups. In turn, the division causes gaps in knowledge and Spiritual awareness within the population.
The 'rulers' of this realm use their 'manufactured' shame of not 'earning the title' yet, against the people as a weapon.  Rather I will humbly accept a dim role within an emotionally manipulated  humanity, that allows me the opportunity to be worthy of the LIGHT.
How does one know the LIGHT if they have never seen the dark? How does a person know what is considered LIGHT, to be the highest expression of that LIGHT, if they have never had anything to challenge that radiance of Light?
I have fallen. During my life when controlled by my soul ego and the desires it craves, I let my actions destroy my life. I have stolen, I have cheated, I have committed adultery, I have struck another in anger. I have been prideful, manipulated others, and I have even cursed GOD when I thought all was lost.
I have hurt others just by 'being' my ego, and acting so selfish, I could not even see how I was hurting them, because of my inability to look beyond my own righteousness. I have been the 'Lt. Lucifer' for Satan while here on Earth, trying to control others and take their Free Will from them. All to make my reality more plausible to me just having someone to agree. To covet another expression of GOD and prevent it from walking it's own path is a sin of the soul that is basking in it's 'pride of oneself' above another.
From the time I was born I have never been given instruction on the proper way to progress Spiritually.This world is death, and governed by the rulers of darkness. These dark rulers that govern our lives call upon it's psychologically controlled slaves (we the people)  for blood to resolve bloodshed (War), more money taken from the poor to solve the problem of poverty(taxes), and distract minds with childish games and egoic pleasures(sports, sex, controlled substances), all to convince the intellect, morality' is no longer relevant. This is to convince me that I am to submit to their authority before GOD's which is in my heart as a 'KNOWING' of right and wrong. I don't think so.
I fell for these tricks and let all of my desires dictate my attitude and even the amount of LOVE shared with others. When told I must be 'handsome' to be loved, I became vain.When I was told I was 'chosen' by my religion, I became prideful. When I saw that another was more at peace than me, I became envious. When I was told to be a 'good' son, one must 'sacrifice' himself, and I went to war with death in my heart. When I was told I must defend my way of life and freedom in my own country, I became a revolutionary .....I have rejoiced in the death of another human. All because my ego convinced my mind that the human that was to be killed was an evil enemy of mine since the authorities told me so.
I was led to believe that the female gender was placed here for my pleasure first, and to not respect her as a DIVINE creator when looked upon. Once upon a time when I was lost, women were but an object to desire for my ego. How many times my gaze assaulted a woman with vile thoughts first, not seeing her as a fellow expression of GOD, or giver of Life that she IS. Reducing the majesty of the FEMININE to something to be paraded in front of others to be sexually desired is wicked and of the dark.

 I was taught that from the time a man was born to embrace the feminine qualities in his 'own self' which IS LIGHTED-SPIRIT, is considered weak and not to be expressed. This cut me off from my GOD and trapped me in the illusion of this reality the rulers created for us as a distraction. Once my mind was controlled by the fear and ego, I shunned the only emotions that would allow me to EVER RECONNECT with GOD, which is COMPASSION in place of judgment,and LOVE instead of anger. Still I forgive this attack on me, because the dark rulers do not know how to see past their own individuated egoic self.

The dark 'rulers' language and vocabulary was designed to manipulate my mind with words to confuse, mislead, and remove my free will. The DARK's lies and deceptions appeared 'intelligible' concerning the structure of reality, and how they govern our society. It cleverly warped my mind into rejecting cooperation with my fellow man, and I began serving my self-interest first. I viewed the world as 'survival of the fittest' and thus the ego was fostered and grew to only take care of itself, and others that made it (soul ego)  feel good by agreeing with it's limited point of view based in fear and self-interest alone.

 During the indoctrination of the soul ego, words were used to blur the lines between right and wrong.  This was a lifetime process that is an assault on my mind and SPIRIT by the dark and their propaganda. The dark convinced me to acquire as many spiritually destructive things as I could that was offered, in order to pacify my restlessness and distract me from guilt, keeping me in shame.

My shame was my only compass for inner morality and KNOWING . Once they separated my  morality from my intellect by showing Spiritually destructive behaviors to me enough as acceptable through their media and academic institutions, then I was totally cut off from Spirit and controlled by the dark, the soul ego.

What is it to be an Authority in this world of death? What makes one man 'more sacred' than another? Lack of sin? How has a 'human' overcome lust who is only removing their self from temptation, or convincing their mind that it is acceptable behavior when the corrective work is too hard for the ego to embark upon? How does any human learn from mistakes that were never allowed to occur due to religious doctrine? How would someone shielded and directed their entire life away from evil temptations, ever know the struggle and pain experienced by their brethren? Who better to seek advice from than one who has experienced  the power and allure of the dark, but was able to overcome any obstacle thrown at them by the dark?  This revelation is the Authority of GOD found within all people who awake to their inner nature and hate their soul.

It is the reformed soul ego that was tested in the fires that is able to see this perspective and have true empathy with compassion. It is the individual who has fallen and overcome themselves and the trappings of dark, that is the one to give solid objective guidance rooted in experience of self-redemption, not self-righteous observation. It is the free will choice, and the wrong choice when caught off guard, that is the lesson needed to cleanse the soul thru repentance of one's actions. This is what gives one Authority over those aeons or 'dark traits', by  having the SPIRIT engulfed in darkness only to be reborn of LIGHT. 

 How can anyone truly KNOW their deepest 'darkness' to cleanse it, if they were never given the opportunity to reveal it in the first place? I can say with great confidence and humility," Thank you Satan, your experience here for me has brought me closer to GOD, and I am free from my soul."

The Soul ego is the dark Spirit that we all strive to escape. We have all been manipulated into doing things that were absolutely with evil intent, yet with self-acknowledgment and sincere sorrow comes forgiveness from GOD. It is seeing the default with a constitution to change it that allows one to rise above the ego. "Blessed is he who hates his own soul", stated CHRIST in the Gnostics. It is the mental and emotional torment over the way one acted while trapped in ego that demonstrates the LIGHT within is alive and well, helping us observe 'ourselves' better than before.

I will not cast away hope or joy, or take from GOD one more day, anguishing over an evil deed I performed that has already been unveiled to me thru SPIRIT. Instead I will walk with GOD by acting as an example of LOVE and Compassion, with discernment of SPIRIT, by making the immediate correction in the negative behaviour, and never repeating it again. Nor shall I waste time in self-pity, but do the works of the MOST HIGH in the time I would have spent in guilt. True change of the 'Self ' is turning the soul into LIGHT by coming back to GOD in action and thought ignoring that which torments the mind but cannot be changed.  This is a waste of SPIRIT and TRAP for the awakening HEARTS.

I should strive to always think of others first, and see each adversity I face as a chance to demonstrate my new found realization about how I treat others, and my devotion to the LIGHT. By removing the wickedness in me, not around me, I have beat the system set to entrap my SPIRIT here that was sleeping, while the soul ego was in charge.

I was under the S-P-E-L-L of the thought programmers of this world, as they caste their 'spells' on my mind with their language of deception. I conducted myself as they would prefer, not the real me that is rooted in Compassion, and discernment. However, I am now anchored in GOD and nothing could enslave my SPIRIT much less the easily controlled intellect. The dark will no longer be controlling my emotions or making me waste valuable time lamenting over things I did while in ego.

Instead I will be looking for what GOD has to offer me, now that I serve the MOST HIGH. This to me is time well spent and a better use of focused energies, than flogging myself for actions when not joined in SPIRIT. Guilt is a product of the inability to self reflect properly and fix a deficiency in behavior.  The dark's intent was to keep me emotionally stagnant, and from moving where my heart and GOD will guide me. The past was a lesson to prepare me for now, not to revisit as the time I was in death and acted as a sleep walker in this reality.

Wake up from the way we are controlled, become a servant of LIGHT, humble oneself, act with compassion first, Honor thyself when walking with GOD, and never hang your head in shame for what was done in death, once realized and the wickedness is removed.


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Re: I am a sinner
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2012, 09:56:26 PM »
Warren, your posts seem to quite effectively offer religious truth, but at the same time, explain the spiritual nature and science is included. They also contain the new age spiritualist's point of view which is all about science, even though they say science is an illusion. Your explanations are the best and seemingly most accurate overall contrabution to all that religion and spirituality have to offer.

My posts are very effectively scaring away spiritualists because I challenge them to prove what they are saying, not nearly as well as scientists are required to do, but at least so that their belief system is more than just an abstract theory resulting form apparent drug use. Spiritualists write a book about frequency and vibration, and deny it is science, and then all spiritualists modify their beliefs to adhere to the new philosophy. They define life by declaring everything an illusion.

I have one question for you. Can you specifically explain our purpose here? The purpose of life?