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Letting go of loss
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:47:03 PM »
Letting go of emotional attachments does not mean pushing pain we experience due to a loss of a loved one to the back of your mind. That leads to being recycled physically because you still have negative forces in you that are destructive to Spirit in the Higher Realms.  Ignoring a pain does not fix the problem, it only masks the symptoms until we are forced to face it later. You cannot let go of someone you LOVE or you never even knew what LOVE was.

LOVE is eternal and cannot be 'let go.'

Healing comes from the ACCEPTANCE of our relationship with the person in the NOW (no matter the desired relationship ego wants), while still LOVING them just as much as before, if not more. That is the only way 'Spiritually' to progress which then leads to Peace of HEART and mind. LOVE frees, it does not try to control circumstances or forget. That is ego. We can LOVE them without them ever knowing.  After all, that is exactly the way GOD's LOVE has been expressed to us since the time we have been on this planet living our 'illusion of separation' from GOD and each other.

Letting go of any pain comes naturally when we are working with GOD, on our self.  Anyone who tries to tell you to 'let go' of anything to do with LOVE, or accept anything about your personality that is destructive to selfless LOVE, is lost in their own soul and should never be trusted to help you Spiritually. The lost souls claiming to be 'spiritual guides' of the New Age are projecting their own inability to connect with god, and state there is no need for GOD. They worship themselves, and will not do the needed work correctly to help themselves, much less anyone else. These people are self-centered and apathetic in nature. They are just trying to save others with their 'mind' to keep from looking at the darkness within their own soul. If they cannot see pain in the world, and within their own darkness, then they cannot understand yours.

As for the 'gurus' of the New age, anyone thinking the body leads to Spiritual liberation is stuck in ego and does not understand that SPIRIT and PHYSICAL are two different things. Mind, body, and Spirit is also not understood by people thinking this physical world is all there is. "Body" just means the "container" for our intelligence and Spirit, and it is NOT always going to be what we describe as PHYSICAL.

In short, you will not try to let go of anything emotionally troubling, when you are doing the Spiritual work CORRECTLY with GOD,, not the way false prophets state with their 'channeled' messages or 'helper' Spirit guides. You do not need any guide other than your own connection with GOD. Do not give your minds to devils in disguise who have mastered words to make your ego feel good. Sound Hard to be in GOD's idea of a peaceful state of mind? Then GOOD, that is TRUTH.

Spiritual work is the cleansing of emotional garbage to be a better human for the sake of being better. Not a title or to be worshiped. We must confront our problems with GOD as our helper, not medications or hollow words from those who see themselves as 'intellectuals'. Intellectual pride never has compassion, just ropes to throw from their soapboxes... Do your own work, clear ego, remove pride, and be free....
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