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Recitation of Prayer Will Not Cancel Any Sin
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:11:41 AM »
Recitation of Prayer Will Not Cancel Any Sin

  Qn)In reciting prayers on God, every prayer tells at the end that by reciting this prayer all the sins get destroyed (sarvapaapaat vimuchyate). This statement is becoming a lie as per the above explanation. Is it not?

Swami Replied: When a mother is giving food to her child, she says that the moon will come down if the food is taken by the child. She is repeating this in every meal. No doubt, this is a lie. But, the lie is doing good in long run by giving good strength to the child and makes the child to grow more and more. Such a lie is not cheating. Will a mother cheat her own child? In view of the long run benefit, this is not a sin. This is called as ‘Artha Vada’, which means a lie told for a good purpose.

Certainly, except reformation through spiritual knowledge, no recitation or worship will destroy the sin. The recitation or worship will have its own good fruit. But, the cancellation of bad fruit by a good fruit can never happen. One has to enjoy both good fruits and bad fruits separately for their corresponding deeds in heaven and hell respectively. Fruits of intensive deeds are enjoyed in this birth itself, which has an additional advantage to give practical proof for the action and its fruit. No good fruit can cancel any bad fruit. Hence, recitation of the prayer to God will not cancel any sin.

But, long run recitation of prayer or worship to God can make the devotee to become more devoted to God and gradually understand the personality of God, which is to encourage good deeds and punish bad deeds. By this knowledge of personality of God, whom the devotee is praying and worshipping a lot, the devotee will not like doing sins against the wish of God in course of time. By this, the devotee is totally reformed and will not repeat the sins practically. Hence, a devotee worshipping or praying a God will have a chance in long run to get reformation. Hence, recitation of prayer or worship to God may not immediately destroy the sins, but, in long run the continuous recitations and worships may reform the soul so that all his previous sins may get cancelled.

Therefore, you should take the meaning of this statement in a long run only and not as immediate effect, which means that all the sins get cancelled by just reciting the prayer or doing the worship to God. Promoting an ignorant soul in the beginning through such false incentives is not wrong in view of the long run benefit (sarvaarambhaahi… Gita). But, one should clearly understand that the benefit will come only in the long run when the real reformation is achieved and the benefit will not happen immediately by any number of recitations or worships without the real reformation. The Gita says that a soul is reformed through devotion in course of time (kshipram bhavati dharmaatmaa…).


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