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Suffering from emotions
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:50:56 PM »
The emotional suffering I experienced in this lifetime was an absolute necessary part of "THIS" life to reopen my heart to LOVE which is the elemental 'feeling' that I refer to as GOD or Spirit.

Each circumstance I found myself in that I could label as 'bad', was really another chance for GOD to give me the lesson in different circumstances. It has always been my negative experiences that were the most rewarding as a lesson for Spiritual growth. The 'negative experience' was done to see if the choice I made would be correct that time around, or incorrect due to my ego. Each correct choice I made was a 'step' that brought me closer to 'reopening' my heart, which is my connection with the creator.

I realized my hardships were simply my incorrect choices, and me 'fighting' what GOD was trying to do in order to 'place me' back on track Spiritually. My stubbornness in following my wants over needs were keeping me from Spiritually growing. If I continued to make the same mistakes that were harmful to myself or others, I would eventually get the "ole two by four", with GOD on the other end of it. GOD gives us what we need, not what we want. All of my suffering was due to what I refused to acknowledge as a Spiritual blockage in my life at that time.

In short our mental and emotional anguish is created because of three major factors:

Ignoring a TRUTH our Heart does not want to accept due to ego

Ignoring a pattern in our life that is either self-destructive, or harms others.

Our unwillingness to release control of the events surrounding our personal life to a higher intelligence,and accept GOD's guidance.  In other words make the change that was needed.


When we stop seeing our challenges as bad and accept them as Spiritual blessings we are no longer a victim. We stop seeing the world through 'victims eyes', and therefore can no longer be victimized.


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