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Tree of Knowledge .....
« on: October 09, 2012, 03:43:21 PM »
When Adam chose the Tree of 'Knowledge' in the bible, it is a metaphor about the need to free your mind from the confusion of this world using your own inner ' KNOWLEDGE' of right and wrong.
LIFE which is experienced in the Higher realms of creation as the Tree of LIFE, cannot be experienced until a consciousness has a solid understanding of  good or evil  known also as the Tree of Knowledge. If they do not have a DIVINE understanding of what evil really is, they cannot be trusted in higher realms to create anything, much less children in the 'heavens' like they do here on Earth.

A 'Tree' is used to describe how all physical and Spiritual intelligence expands itself throughout the creations of GOD. Intellect is the destructive force that wants to control because of pride, while the SPIRIT 'LOVES' and wants to release control.

The pursuit of the Tree of 'Knowledge' is necessary to become an 'aware consciousness' which KNOWS the difference between right and wrong. Otherwise we will not be aware of the destructive energies within us that would be harmful to the rest of creation. However, to ignore the Tree of LIFE and pursue only the 'Intellect' results in ultimate destruction. For this reason no consciousness can begin the steps into the Tree of LIFE, until they realize that the pursuit of Knowledge for Intellectual purposes  will always end in death. The reason I say death, is because this world is in a constant state of giving birth, and death called the 'circle of Life'. It is more accurate to say it is the 'circle of death' because this path demonstrates in the physical world how souls are trapped on the 'wheel of karma' here in this realm.
Humans are Spiritual children who must be shown first through experience what 'is destined to fail' before we can be ready to experience the Tree of LIFE. This life we live is the first step in Spiritual evolution, not a punishment for sins committed by our ancestors or Eve. This is a necessary experience for any consciousness to take the small spark of LIGHT within them, and let it engulf their entire consciousness grasping control of the mind back from the dark rulers.

Remember the first time you were corrected by a parent when you may have done something that was harmful to yourself? They were not angry or vengeful, but wanted to prevent you from harming yourself or others. Is GOD not a greater parent? Also ask yourself...How long did the lesson last?

Now try and remember a time you really hurt yourself or another not even realizing it, but afterwards would NEVER DO IT AGAIN because you identified what the negative behavior was that caused the pain. That is the gift of Free Will and unconditional LOVE GOD grants us. This freedom to make our own mistakes without interference allows us to learn lessons eternally. This ensures that when our consciousness leaves this world after death, we will not have the same lesson to learn again in another life. It is a waste of energy.

Once we ground all our destructive qualities for the sake of just being better 'spirits', not for some reward, we begin our own Tree of LIFE. This is a 'Spiritual Tree' that is used with the Tree of Knowledge that was conquered to balance our future creations. The limbs will branch out into the Higher Spiritual realms with our HEART being the primary creator and the mind it's guardian.

Two Trees of GOD combined into one consciousness of LIGHT.
Right and wrong spiritual choices are eventually hashed out by our consciousness because lessons learned from prior life experiences are scorched into our spiritual memory as 'traits' in our personality. . Each life the soul/mind will look harder for SPIRIT/LOVE because the internal KNOWING of right or wrong is so strong it breaks free from what we have been told is moral. Consciousness also knows that the pursuit of knowledge for intellectual purposes only, always ends in self service.

Comfortable apathetic lives do not allow the needed experiences to progress in this world. It is in the challenges we face that uncover the flaws within us our ego refuses to admit. Placing oneself on stage as a 'healer' or 'teacher' is an alter ego.

True healers and teachers of GOD are the ones we never will expect. These are our mirrors that surround us in the relationships we hold at any given time.
We create our own hell on Earth without any need from GOD to 'damn' us for our sins like the twisted story in the bible states. This experience, no matter how hard it may seem is a blessing. Challenges in this life are the lessons we need that will be imprinted within our consciousness. This eventually leads to all negative behaviors being removed over a period of personal lifetime experiences. This is required for SPIRITUAL expansions in the Tree of LIFE after we progress past this realm.

The pursuit of the prideful Intellect over humble SPIRIT after a person KNOWS the difference between right and wrong leads to what is called Sorcery. Sorcerers want to be seen as GOD and use their intellect to trap those who are weak minded. These weak minded followers can then be used for whatever the sorcerer/guru desires. Usually it is in following a 'crusade' that they have taken to save the world, or just as worker bees to make their life more pleasing to them. The sorcerers/gurus keep their followers in a 'dependent state' looking to them for answers, instead of teaching them how to find their own answers through connecting with GOD.  Although, since the sorcerer/guru is always an egoic being in nature, they never see anything above themselves in importance and lack the necessary humility to connect with GOD correctly. Instead they contact beings of lower realms who give scientific knowledge as if it were all that existed. So to follow any of these fallen sorcerers is a path to death.

Only when the individual consciousness is ready to progress will the person start their own journey to self discovery and their personal connection with GOD. This 'connection to GOD  is not done through incantations, fires, rituals or temples. The path to destroy the negative within you is to first humble yourself enough to know that dark exists within us no matter how 'righteous' we think we are. All humans are flawed and those that claim enlightenment or 'salvation' are the worst.

Enlightenment is a word created by fallen minds who wish to place themselves above others in importance.
Once a consciousness finally learns that the intellect used alone without DIVINE LOVE will devour itself, then the path to balance the intellect with Heart begins by that consciousness. This is a process of figuring out what you 'feel' in your HEART is CORRECT FOR YOU, no matter what others say is acceptable. Our HEART is the 'compass' GOD has granted when apathy ends, and the self-righteous 'intellect' is conquered.

Once on the path to 'Spiritual' self-discovery with 'intellectual' KNOWLEDGE of the outer world and it's rulers, the two sides of this creation can become one focused 'eye' of Horus for the consciousness who has defeated the ego and the traps of the fallen rulers. We must identify the pitfalls to see how to avoid them.

No matter what you may believe you are not here for punishment, but for eternal lessons that will be uncovered when you are courageous enough to accept them as TRUTH.

The obstacles to becoming 'self aware' otherwise known as 'eating' of the Tree of Knowledge (good and evil) are many. However, all of these lessons are needed as a reference to see what good is, and what evil is. Without something to use as a reflective reference, which is why the dark rulers are allowed to run this 'physical' realm, there is nothing to distinguish what is truly LIGHT in the mind of a person. This is currently being shown to us by the fallen energies that use psychology to control your every action and hold the 'Intellect' up as GOD. This distraction of SPIRIT has been accomplished by inventing a life for you that is filled with things to take up valuable time that could be used for Spiritual development. In the end, the lesson NOT TO TRUST another to ensure your well-being on any level of creation, will be seered into your SPIRITUAL memory.

Never give your 'power' away to another by letting them control what you believe to be true. It does not matter how 'enlightened' they may appear, there is no thing in creation that has a closer connection to GOD than you do in heart felt prayer and meditation.
You are your own source to speak with GOD when you take control and responsibility for your own Spiritual development, not giving it to a priest, guru, or scientists. The 'dark' always appears as LIGHT and in the end you will create through laziness and apathy, the evil you were trying to avoid. Every consciousness needs to redefine personal boundaries for what is acceptable to them, by asking their Higher Self in meditation what is wrong or right. Then that consciousness must take responsibility for itself, and all of it's action.

Allowing any outside source (say.....government) to make you dependent on them like we are for our transportation, food, shelter, and security is the easy way out, but never fruitful in it's accomplishments. It will always end in the few people who are 'saviors' misguiding others to serve the will of the few, which is never in the collectives best interest. It is voluntary mental slavery and ends with a slave's reward....nothing.

It is better to embrace the KNOWLEDGE of how we treat the world around us through self reflective meditation, rather than 'secrets' of how the energy of GOD operates through lost science. One leads to being recycled, the other to salvation from the grips of the rulers.

As long as the root of evil is hidden, it is strong......The Gospel of phillip Hidden parts (Nag Hammadi Scriptures)


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Re: Tree of Knowledge .....
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2012, 12:39:15 AM »
thanks for posting your thoughts. I just want to point out that you need to be accurate when you present something.
If you are quoting the Bible as in this last post, then you need to follow what is stated there. In the Bible (Genesis Chapter 2) God does tell Adam (before Eve was created) "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."
But,  in Genesis Chapter 3, it was the women who first was tempted to the eat the fruit, because she desired to become wise. Then she gave of this fruit to Adam.
I just don't want you to leave out this important part about the woman and her role in all of this. There are interesting dynamics going on here that are important to explore.
Be well.
Chris K.
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