Author Topic: knowing whats going to happen next..plz help!  (Read 1357 times)


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knowing whats going to happen next..plz help!
« on: September 29, 2012, 03:20:16 AM »
fist of all,this is not a fake post/thread because why on earth would i post fake stuff on a forum with a fake profile name?
i mean i cant get any popularity or publicity so plz dont say im making this up because EVERYTHING that i have written is true.

ok so i joined this forum just so i could get an correct explanation so please try and answer my problem :)
i'm a boy and i'm originally a buddhist(when i was born) but dont believe in religion anymore.(i dont know if my religion was important to this matter,but anyway..)
the thing is i keep knowing whats going to happen next/or maybe control whats going to happen next i'm not sure
1.i was in grade 8 and i used to do basketball in school back then.i didnt want to go and i was thinking "i dont want to go to practise today!".i kept thinking about it and walked around for like 20 minutes and the next thing that happens is it starts to rain.the rains so heavy so my dad says we shouldnt go to practise today(it was an outside basketball court btw)

2.this has happened more than 5 times now.i think of a song or a tune in my head and then my sister starts singing the SAME song!now this is not a coincidence as me and my sister listen to somewhat different music genres.

3.this is a little bit similar to # 2 and it happened like 3 times now.i think of a song and 15-20 mins>>the songs on the radio
i also considered the possibility of the song coincidentally appearing on the radio,but 3 times?

4.also i have noticed that if i keep worrying a lot about something,it might not happen.
                 once i forgot to do the homework and i was so scared coz the teacher was VERY strict,and then i find out the teacher is absent that day.

lots more things have happened but i dont want to post a huge thread so i'll give you some more events only if you need.

one more thing,i have tried to do it manually but it doesnt work;those things come to my mind automatically

can someone give me an possible explanatation because i dont understand how its happenning scientifically/practically.

thank you.


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