Author Topic: Urgent Message!! Unite my Light Family!!  (Read 2520 times)


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Urgent Message!! Unite my Light Family!!
« on: February 17, 2010, 02:54:04 AM »
This message is an attempt to strike awareness into the masses therefore I am sending it to the masses.
This message is for the web owner, admin, and moderator. Its also for those of us who cherish planet Earth who deeply want to make changes which will positively change our world.
This is Tommy Duong, I am now under a very difficult task which involves all of our light family. I came up with the idea that we as light families have to come together not just in blogs and forums such as this, to communicate with each other, to form alliance and to form something bigger and better. Something more far reaching than before. We must come together and discuss how we can become more organize. How we can create a new organization which envelope that which already exist. One Banner, One Family, One Goal!! With that said, the old does not have to die, just evolve.

Also on every path that we take, we always need validation that we are on the right path or that the path which we are taking is real. Basically we need proof of the truth that spiritual things exist. And there is methods and technique which can allow us this validation. I've attended the Berkeley Psychic institute and boy oh boy, it really change my perspective on who is truly psychic. In essence we are all psychic we just need methods and tools to open ourself to the spiritual.

Anyway, I would like to post something on your blog / forum, on the need for us to band together as one family and truely make a difference. This time we have the tools for those of us on the spiritual path to prove to themselves that they are infinite beings of light. And with this new thought and action they will be more whole heartedly walking the path of light.

We need to talk, I've alrady gotten the host of Humanity Healing Network to join this conversation. I also have other candidate to come in and talk as well. To be honest I want all members of the light to join in this conversation which will change the world forever. But for now I need the awareness of each website owner / admin / moderator to communicate with me and give me permission to post on websites to allow members who are dedicated in changing the world to chat as well. Let me know what you think.

P.S. We need to think with all minds in order to better serve each other and mother Earth ultimately.
P.P.S. Please include in your reply your name and the names of those who wish to participate, and also where are you from (what forum). Thank you for making a difference.


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