Author Topic: my last chance to help you  (Read 1245 times)


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my last chance to help you
« on: November 14, 2012, 08:42:03 PM »
I am starting a new quest in a couple of days. Before I go, I want to make my last effort to solve your life problems. I will likely not have internet access and I am not going to post on forums anymore anyway.

Let me make a quick offering to you. There are two basic places we come from before we start this life. If we are successful in our past life, we can go down the path of light with low vibration and make it to Heaven. Then we have the option of staying there or coming back and a new life. If we are UNsuccessful in our past life, then we are knocked off of the path of light due to our high vibration.

99% in this life come from Hell...the darkness surrounding the path of light. They do not have choices to lay out in this life. They typically stay within the norms of society or fail miserably...becoming an addict or criminal.

Coming from Heaven, the 1% make choices and have a purpose and a path to follow. Suffering is a tool to sway us toward our purpose. This suffering is a choice they make. The Act of Giving was designed to offer help to the 1% so they become enlightened quickly. Without it, they suffer until they find enlightenment on their own.

My books are designed to save mankind. I offer the truth of life's meaning, as I mention here. Plus I offer the Act of Giving. So, no matter what % you are, I have your salvation. This choice you have now is your FREE WILL.

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