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What CHRIST is...YOU
« on: October 14, 2012, 04:05:04 PM »
Christians were co-opted by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325.  This was orchestrated by the corrupt 'rulers' of this world. It was carried out during what is known as the 'Council of Nicaea' by Roman Emperor Constatine I after he 'claimed' to have a vision, and it changed his mind to adopt Christianity as the official religion. In reality this was the time when the 'scholars' of the day(the mind controllers) decided which books that the REAL CHRISTIANS were reading, would be allowed to become part of their (rulers) 'New Testament'.

The Gnostic library is a collection of ancient scriptures that were left out of the New Testament, because they could not be as easily manipulated by the rulers. The scriptures were hidden by the Roman authorities which now control the 'Christian minds', because of the messages they contained which challenged their authority.

 The scriptures known as the Nag Hammadi writings are filled with warnings about the power structure controlling their world. This is the same power structure controlling ALL the religions and governments of today, just like then. The NH scriptures exposes the evil of the Old Testament, and has a very different view on morality. In short it contradicts the current message of the churches which is why it was hidden until an ancient copy was found in 1945 at the foot of a cliff along the Nile River.

The Gnostics are written in the same patriarchal way to reach a world that was not ready to listen to any message about equality, because of the way they were raised in a male dominated society. The authors vary from backgrounds and give their current belief and interpretation of what Christianity is. Although I personally disagree with some of the writers on various comments, the wisdom is there for those who have the power of Divine Discernment.

The 'male' references to GOD must be understood today as a product of the time and its views, however the NH scriptures also give pearls of WISDOM about the TRUE role of the DIVINE FEMININE for those who can humble themselves enough to see it.

According to the NH text, and many other sources throughout history, man was created by dark entities called angels/ aliens. In the NH scriptures they are known as Archons. The soul is the dark part of us that humans have as our inheritance from the dark angels. The soul is the part of us that would be considered the Satan. It wants to be GOD. It's traits are dark in nature like wanting to be correct no matter what, being prideful, fearful, lustful, and it will not submit to another. Basically the ego or inner spoiled child is the soul.

The Spirit is the hidden part that the mother EVE/ SOPHIA placed in us to redeem our soul, and free our consciousness from the dark angels when we earn it. It is stated that the 'MOTHER' of ALL knew what the Archons were doing since it was part of the plan all along. It was actually EVE who was the one who that gave ADAM his breathe, when the Archons could not figure out how to animate their newly created bodies. This is also why the Feminine aspect of GOD is SO hated by the religions of today. They are all products of their dark creators and jealous of the Feminine's ability TO GIVE BIRTH.

CHRIST is the Feminine spark within ALL of us, no matter the gender. CHRIST is the name for the spark of SOPHIA, which is known in the NH scriptures as the 'Feminine energy' or SPARK of LIFE. This 'SPARK' is what allowed ADAM to rise after being created physically by dark angels to serve their own ego.

This feminine spark is what we know physically as the HEART, and the masculine soul would  physically be the brain. These are the two opposing forces within the body that dictates how our Spiritual consciousness develops. These forces are also known as Light and dark, although both physically have their light and dark qualities. This is also why the HEART has 5000 times the electromagnetic frequency of the brain. The HEART is the power source for the body and connection with GOD, the perpetual pulse from universe. Wonder why ancient sacrifices often involve removing the HEART? Why our food, water, air, and lifestyles all have properties that contribute to HEART disease?

The goal for Spiritual evolution is to completely open our HEART to the divine energy of LOVE, while keeping our masculine energy of ego under enough control, to prevent harming our self with that LOVE by becoming a 'punching bag' for others. In other words the mind is the guardian of the consciousness, while the HEART is the ruler of it's thoughts and actions.

This is why the HEART is always exaggerated on the pictures we see of Christ and Mother Mary. It is opening of the feminine HEART that allows us to finally connect with GOD and 'see' clearly, right from wrong. This 'opening' prevents us from harming others subconsciously, and allows us to start the path to SELF-REDEMPTION.

It is the feminine way of being that is the strongest in the Spiritual realms. Compassion, nurturing, loving, forgiving, sincerity, and kindness. It is the Feminine energy that can calm the savage beast and conquer the hardest of Hearts. This is why it is so feared by patriarchal rule. They know this. Women are our teachers when they have not been turned masculine by this world. Mary was Jesus CHRIST 'mother', by being a reflective teacher which allowed his HEART to be born again. She gave birth to the CHRIST within him by bringing his inner LIGHT out through her LOVE and example of GODLINESS. This opened Jesus up to his connection with GOD, and consequently allowed him to be a 'son of GOD'. Wonder why our societies either want to make women like men, or totally suppress them?

We are all expected to ignite the CHRIST within which in turn develops CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS within that person. THIS CONNECTION IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED. Once a person can properly connect with their HEART and use the brain as a tool for discernment, there is no need for any earthly leader. GOD becomes your guide and the Churches have no more relevance. Where in any writing did CHRIST use or ask for a church? NOWHERE!

See why this was so feared?

We are all CHRIST when we surrender our pride/ego completely to the service of the HEART and GOD. This means NEVER placing our self above another person in importance, being generous, renouncing this world and its possessions, releasing the temptations of the flesh which are subconscious controllers, being charitable, being humble, only wishing to serve others before your own desires, and always walking the path of integrity.

If ALL people surrendered their pride enough to listen to what someone had to say when expressing their feelings, instead of wanting to win the argument even if they are correct in that debate, then we would NEVER have conflict. Only pride seeks to be correct over being compassionate.

To 'win a debate' in GOD's eyes is to bring that person to a peaceful and mutual understanding of GOD's LAW, NOT man's law. However, first we must seize their HEART in order to calm the ego enough so they will listen to us. We will never win a person's heart by cramming our view down someone else's throat even IF WE ARE RIGHT. Their ego just shuts us out and we become the devil in their eyes, by proving to them we are unable to listen to their fears without being forceful or rude.

Imagine a world where humility and FAITH ruled. When I speak of Faith, first I mean ' faith'  that the person we disagree with would get our point of view eventually, because if we are rooted in GOD's LOVE and Compassion there is no way to lose. There would be no groups to 'pit' against each other in hostility, and no way to emotionally control humans like sheep to a slaughter. No war for profit, no churches to tell us our sins, no companies to distribute resources we shared freely with one another. Wonder why the rulers of the time wanted to co-opt Christianity?

It is simple.....release the need to argue with an understanding the person is not evil, only misguided. Use the feminine aspect of your consciousness which knows when to just be quiet and listen. It's called HUMILITY, and the same letters that spell SILENT also spell LISTEN......
We must LISTEN to a person's concern until we KNOW EXACTLY  where they are coming from in their perspective. Afterwards we can offer another view to them rooted in LOVE and compassion for all. If they refuse, then they are not ready to grow spiritually and that is GOD's job to deal with, not ours.

We can only be an example of LIGHT by being the example of LOVE and Compassion to those who will accept it. That is the path of CHRIST and the duty of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Embracing our feminine nature is the ONLY true demonstration of power in this world. All else is an illusion of the ego.

Now before men get upset assuming I called them the devil.....We are androgynous in SPIRIT and no matter how much you love your own pride in thinking otherwise, it does not change the fact. It takes the strongest SPIRITS to subdue that masculine energy in the male physical body, and it is why most Spiritual teachers ARE MEN. It takes that strength we possess to surrender physical power, accept the feminine in our HEART, and control the egoic brain until we are graced by the HOLY SPIRIT.  Then the two (mind, and HEART)combine and we control our minds and thoughts, not the rulers. It takes those physical males who are Spiritually developed enough to sacrifice their lives, and stand in a world that will attack them for overturning conventional wisdom. The question comes down to this...which do you LOVE more, Pride or GOD.

The New Testament is filled with hidden clues telling us just this. Try re-reading the New Testament with this perspective and you may find a different book that what has been manipulated by the rulers of darkness.

Much LOVE...
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Re: What CHRIST is...YOU
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Myself I lover neither pride or god, I just love for that is who I truly am, to try and love something out side of ourselves, is to separate love, love is all, its our whole Being, when we are immature we need outer stories and games called rituals,  but when we become mature in spirit, we then throw away our toys and enter our true Essence, the Christ Consciousness, the Buddha Consciousness, whatever name you like to call it, it doesn't matter, for the name isn't what IS.
Never become a Christian. If you want to become something, become a Christ. Never become a Buddhist. If you want to become something, become a Buddha.


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