Author Topic: Your effort must be perfect and should have firm faith on God  (Read 193 times)


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Your effort must be perfect and should have firm faith on God

Any effort becomes effective if your energy is preserved without wasting it in unnecessary things. Preservation of energy is fundamental of Yoga. Even if your effort is perfect, you shouldn’t have ego that perfect effort must give the perfect fruit. Your effort must be perfect and at the same time you must not have this ego, in the place of which you should have firm faith on God that if the grace of God is absent, no effort can succeed to get the fruit. The fruit is given by God and not by the effort. However, your effort must be perfect. Otherwise, God will not give fruit to a lazy person without effort. If effort alone can give the fruit, all the efforts must have succeeded. We are observing that sometimes even perfect effort is failing. Very important point is that if your effort is without aspiration for any fruit in return and is only confined to practical sacrifice and service based on real love to God (as in the case of your issues), such effort gets not a petty fruit, but, gets God Himself as the fruit, who is the giver of all fruits! The first stage is to worship God for getting fruits and this is the introduction of attraction to divine personality of God as seen in the prior part of the Veda (Samhita, Brahmana and Aaranyaka). The second stage is to worship God without aspiration for any fruit due to real love as seen in the latter part of the Veda (Upanishat). All the Veda finally aims at the development of only real love to God and hence the Upanishat is the ultimate part of the Veda.

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