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The style of life is not different from spiritual effort
« on: June 21, 2017, 12:40:45 PM »
The style of life is not different from spiritual effort

The qualities attained in the life style get reflected in the spiritual effort

The style of life is not different from spiritual effort. The qualities attained in the life style get reflected in the spiritual effort. The life style is rehearsal of dance. Spiritual effort is the actual performance of dance. If you have ego and jealousy towards co-human beings in your worldly life, those both reflect in your spiritual life also and you will miss contemporary human incarnation. If you are greedy in the worldly life, same reflects in spiritual life also and you will worship God theoretically only and not practically. When some friend helped by you harms you in return, you are losing patience in the worldly life. Same attitude is reflected in spiritual life, when God harms you in return for your practical devotion to test you. Your Pravrutti reflects in toto in your Nivrutti. Hence, love your enemies also in the worldly life. This will help you in your spiritual life when God acts as your enemy in testing you. Such patience must be developed by you in the worldly life.

If you do not hate any human being, you will not miss the contemporary human incarnation. The process of learning a subject needs training for one year. But, the examination in that is done in one hour only in the end of the year. Your long worldly life is your long training period and your spiritual test takes very short time only. If you understand this point, all your worldly life becomes related to your spiritual effort. Spiritual effort is nothing but the test conducted by Datta. Training to succeed in the spiritual test is your long worldly life. If your concentration is on the test and on its result only, you fail in the test. Let your concentration be on the training only by which you will certainly pass the test. Without understanding this main point, what is the use of all these worships?

Today is the day of moon-eclipse. You are not understanding this main point because your minds are also eclipsed by ignorance. Always be careful about Pravrutti or worldly life since it will exactly reflect as the background of your Nivrutti. If you are greedy in Pravrutti, you will always stress on theoretical devotion saying that God, the giver, doesn’t need any sacrifice from anybody. By this you will avoid practical sacrifice done in the temples also. For this, you will accept that God is not in inert models to receive our sacrifice! If it is said that human incarnation receives your sacrifice, you will eradicate the concept basically asking how the unimaginable God can become the imaginable human being! Hence, all your philosophy is not based on real logic and scripture, but, it is based on your hidden background that got transferred from your Pravrutti! If your background is ego and jealousy and not greediness, you will sacrifice to idols in temples, but, never sacrifice to human incarnation based on the above said eradication.

If your background is full attachment to family, you will shout against sacrifice to God that leads to detachment from family! Hence, God always comes down for cleaning the Pravrutti only by which Nivrutti is also indirectly cleaned. The Gita says that God comes down to establish justice in Pravrutti (Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya), but doesn’t say that His arrival is to establish spiritual knowledge or devotion.

The creator, ruler and destroyer of this world is only one unimaginable God. He gets mediated by energy or matter for the sake of devotees to see, to talk, to touch and to live along with Him. The names and forms of the media may be different, but, the unimaginable God pervading all these media is only one and one only. The oneness and universality of God can be realized by any devotee in the state of ripened spiritual knowledge. None and nothing is equal to God and not to speak of more than God (na tat samah… Veda). Identifying contemporary human incarnation takes place only in the final stage of spiritual effort. Practical devotion without aspiration for any fruit in return is the only spiritual path. Throughout the Gita, Krishna used first person indicating Himself as Krishna or contemporary human incarnation only. He didn’t use third person, God. “My devotee (mat bhaktah)” means Krishna Himself in first person. He didn’t use “Devotee of God (Daiva bhaktah) in third person. He stressed on the concept of contemporary human incarnation since He told the Gita while He is alive.


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