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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am being attacked and tormented physically emotionally spiritually and mentally by what feels like powerful evil forces maybe demons. They talk to me can physically harm me, try manipulate me, stop me raising my frequency bring me down into hell by lowering it, attack me and continue to make excuses to do this or stop me getting being happy, meditating, healing raising my frequency etc They have pretended to be gods angels guides etc. They seem intent on destroying me and it feels like some extent like possession, can you help me or find some whom can help me please? I don't know how or why this is happening, some say ive been cursed it feels like it sometimes, but this is far more powerful than I ever thought an unseen force could be or do to me. They just pull me down and stop me raising my frequency when I do they have less power and have to bring me down before they can really attack me. They say there testing me or trying to make me stronger as excuses to destroy me.


General Discussion / Hello???
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:53:50 PM »
Hi is anyone home? lol, I came back after ages I couldnt get on for long and now, I select unread posts and dont find nothing my replies are from last year, lol.

Is any body still here?

< waves flagggggggg

General Discussion / Regarding dreams, spirits,
« on: March 24, 2012, 04:26:39 AM »
Hi, I am on a long hard spiritual journey, havnt really got that far although im getting there slowly. Not sure what im more useless at cooking or meditating, lol.

But any how, lately I have had dreams of I believe what would be spirits, not necessarily negative beings, I doubt I would attract such any ways but regardless, what does this mean??????/

I have had many dreams, most of nice ones were what I believe to be past lives or mainly other world, beautiful places near to what might be called paradise, but since last year I havnt had these. |But now I have had dreams wich seem to be dark, in colour, and have spirits, not many only remember a few.

I was lost and asked for directions, this couple guys were helping me and then before I knew it I was along a dark road and saw a mansion on the side, the guy with me said that he had the keys to it and would show me. So we got there and I neevr see him open the door he was secretive, then inside he went up and I stayed back to check out the living room, wich had high beautiful ceilings and seemed deserted. Then I went upstairs to find the man and he seemd to be homeless having a beer and then I asked him if it was his house he said no, said I could have a beer and he went sleep, me and other guy did same.

I am bad so bad at realising emanings to a dream, All I got was in lost trying to find my way, confused trying to make sense of it.


Angels and spirit guides / Readings?
« on: March 23, 2012, 03:06:41 AM »
Hi does any oen here do readings? sorry couldnt find a readings section. I would like messages from guides, angels and to help me in my spiritual journey if possible, thanks.

General Discussion / jaw movements meditation issues, help.
« on: January 28, 2012, 02:57:39 AM »
Hi, thanks for looking.

I have been meditating for a while now, few years, not that long, lol. I did prity well and I could get into deep medittaion quite easily, not too much hassle. It was amazing.

Then I had a few Issues and personal problems and didnt get the time to do like I did but carried on as much as I could. So now im back and progressing, not as good as I use to but im getting there slowly.

Now, I have had jaw movements since always since I first started meditation. The more my eye opens the more my throat chakras goes crazy and my jaw moves uncontrollably and moves in like soem kind of mechanism. I have since been told this is a way to open the eye as every thing pulls out something or another and clears the path etc.
Now for me my aim was to get to the point where before as the movements intensified my tongue would go down my throat, now after this I didnt go further as I didnt know what was going on, but the point is at this moment I saw and felt my eye nice and open, shut after just for meditation though.

Has any one heard of this method? Does anyone know how to get rid of or make it easier to deal with, can any crystals help me? I have been told that this method is clearing blocked energy pathways and is a known thing.

Now shortly after all this medittaion the tongue down throat etc, I went threw a bad time also got my nose broken, couple times, not sure. But when this happened my jaw movements would carry on and I couldnt stop them. Normally the movements stop when I put the light on or stop meditation. But this went away after the nose healed.

But now its like they started again and I dont know why, could some one possibly check me out please and tell me what they think it is or might help me please? As this is holding me back from my spiritual grownth, and not only that when I do meditate deeply the movements intensify and are uncontrollable, wich is what scares me as when I was injured these movements would grind, rub and hurt me etc.

If I could control them I could meditate much better, but that isnt the case.

If I knew 100% that it would be ok then I would proceed, but it literally feels like some one sitting on my nose, and its intense. As well as all this I suffer from neck, shoulder injuries making it all worse. The worste part also is when the movements occur and I let go it hurts to let them come undone so I let the jaw move, in out up down while this mechanism releases and lets my jaw move slowly untill it is controllable and I can move my neck etc.

Some times it feels as though there is some kind of resistance trying to work agaisnt me, as in some one thing, since these movements started I could soemtiems feel a vibration on my eye, but it doesnt feel so good like when you meidtate or it tells you something, it feels more like reiki but alot heavier, maybe negative energy?

I give permission to those who want to help me to please try find out what this is all about. Thanks.

Meditation / crystals
« on: January 27, 2012, 04:06:16 AM »
Hi, I have been given some crystals, but im not sure if they are all working for me. I am told my guides want me to hold a amethyst crystal but im not sure now if that what I have, I have checked sites but theres so many some are hard to tell difference from others.

I will put up a pic please tell me what you guys think, thanks.


General Discussion / hello
« on: January 24, 2012, 02:15:45 AM »
Hi, how you all doing, just thought id say hi, introduce myself, etc.

Can call me eyeopen, I am from the Uk, and I am on a long and hard spiritual journey, Im not exactly sure what to make of it yet, but im getting there. I am looking foward to this year and the good it will bring.

I got into meidtation for health reasons mainly few years ago, I did really well mainly ajna meditations as well as lower chakras etc. I did do really well then i went threw a bad year and now here I am back again, as in back into it, lol.

I had a hard time and got threw it and am pushing foward. I am awaiting alot to happen this year and I thought itd be nice to sign up to spiritual forums and see whats what. I didnt even know people spoke about this kind of stuff on the net.

I havnt got advanced spiritually yet, but im getting there. I dont really have abilities etc, just a bit of intuition.

Thats all for now.

love and light,


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