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Auras and Chakras / This is going to sound VERY wierd...
« on: November 27, 2010, 08:18:29 AM »
But I have a strange and very scary (to me, anyways) ability. I can, well, consume the Auras of others. Its sounds stupid, but its true. I can also track how this happened to me. I worked at a summer camp during a very dark period of my life and while I was there I started delving into some dangerous territory, namely spiritual satanism. I'm  sure that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. At the peak of my time on that path I tried a summoning. I was unsuccessful (I think, the wind changed direction 4 times in opposite directions inside of two minutes...), but afterwords things went downhill. I stopped performing and shut everything away, but things got worse. I couldn't sleep, and what little I got wasn't restful, I was more tired waking up that when I went to sleep. I started predicting the future with more accuracy (I had Tarot cards and precognitive abilities for a few years before that) and I was horribly aggressive to others, whereas I'm normally withdrawn. The only time I felt better was when I was around people, and they all started getting very tired and several started aching. After getting home, it all continued. I started trying to understand what had happened. I did figure it out. I had done several exercises to open my third eye, but without opening the Chakras first. I think I permanently damaged my aura/soul in the process... As near as I can figure it, I either lost all of or most of my body's ability to produce my own Aura, hence never feeling rested and being continually tired. I believe that my Aura adapted to survive, gaining the ability to invade other Aura's and rip them apart, converting the other aura into my own. I can feel my aura as a almost conscious force. Its very predatory and reaches out for any energy source nearby. Even if it's removed from someone, whats left will continue to convert Aura, hurting the person. This has had grave effects on my family. I have managed to gain some semblance of control nowadays, both through willpower and amulets (I can either placate or amplify my aura with them). I can even manipulate it, making it feel like an extension of my body, but I can't see it or do anything physical with it at all. My sister, who can sense things and is a Gaia disciple, says I attract a lot of spiritual attention from wandering entities. However, my Aura tends to attack anything near me, so I have a hard time doing anything spiritual outside of my own space, since I am either shunned or followed. I'm not sure if I'm correct in my reasoning, all I know is that I can feed off of others, like some kind of spiritual vampire, and may even require it. I'm not sure what to do, and am not even sure if this is the right place to post. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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