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Islam / Background of Quran shall be properly understood
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Background of Quran shall be properly understood

Introduction: The human incarnation of unimaginable God or Father of heaven (called Allah), Prophet Mohammad gave comments on the situations of events existed in some old span of time. These comments exactly suit and were valid to that context of time and to that limited region of the world in which the pious Prophet appeared. If the same situations occur anywhere exactly, same comments can be applied at any time in the same region or in other regions of the world. If approximately similar situations occur, the essence of the comments of Prophet made can be applied to other events also provided there are some similarities at least. I will illustrate this with the following example.

Ex.: Some time back in My native place a case appeared before Me for judgement. There were two brothers. The younger brother earned a house by his own efforts while he was unmarried and not knowing the responsibilities of family. The elder brother had already his family. The clever elder brother influenced the mind of the innocent younger brother and got registered the younger brother’s house in his name. Later on, the younger brother also got married and had family. The younger brother requested the elder brother to give him at least half of the house for him and his family to live. The elder brother refused stating that the house was earned by him and was registered in his name. Both were devotees of this Datta Swami, whom they consider as human incarnation of God. This Datta Swami passed the Judgement: The elder brother must give the total house to the younger brother and can stay in that house as long as the younger brother allows.

The above Judgement should be restricted to that specific case only occurred in the past time and cannot be generalised to apply to all contexts and all times. Suppose in some other time and some other in place, a father gave two houses to his two sons. You cannot apply the above statement to this context also blindly and say that Datta Swami’s judgement is ultimate anywhere and anytime and the elder brother always should give his house to his younger brother. The background of this context was totally different from the background of the above context.

Similarly, in the time of the divine Prophet Mohammad, the atmosphere of a specific region was horrible in which several religions appeared with several Gods and all were fighting with each other. The fight brought climax of Chaos and people were killing each other based on the religious differences. Then, Allah appeared in human form called Prophet Mohammad. He established a religion which is the actual Islam proposing only one God called Allah. If this religion gets established, the quarrels will stop and killing each other will end. There was a vigorous necessity to establish Islam even by force to stop mutual fights. Naturally, those ignorant and blind religions opposed the Prophet. This means that their religions should continue and the killing also should continue without end. To bring them to the concept of one God and to avoid the mutual fights and mutual killing, the Prophet went to the last resort of even killing those leaders and rigid followers of various religions so that eternal peace will be established for future generations. Hence, orders like ‘fight non-Muslims’, ‘cutting off the hands and feet of those against Allah and His messenger’ etc., were passed in that context and in that specific region in which such worst situation existed. These comments of the Prophet were confined to that time and to that region only where people were fighting and killing with each other based on different religions. In normal situations same Prophet Mohammad advised the followers to protect anybody in problem and to become the escort up to his/her house. Then, preaching about Allah should be done and to leave him/her without any force. Here, in this context, the world Allah means one God only and not several Gods since He established His religion in the context of rejecting many Gods only. Similarly, Lord Krishna, a human incarnation conducted a mighty war to destroy the injustice completely in a specific region and in a specific old span of time. This does not mean that whenever injustice grows, a mighty war is always inevitable. In a specific region and in some span of specific old time, a divine human incarnation preached the required spiritual knowledge to that place and that context of time and underwent crucifixion silently so that the hearts of those people get reformed by repentance. This does not mean that any spiritual preacher of any time in any area should undergo crucifixion silently to reform the hearts of the people. Today, crucifixion is never allowed on the grounds of spiritual knowledge and even on the grounds of political issues.

Today, in all regions of the world all religions co-exist with mutual love and respect to each other. Even if there are differences in religions, situation is limited to some hot discussions and debates or at the maximum abusing each other very rarely. You can’t bring those comments of the divine Prophet confined to that context and that place to the present context and present world. You should not implement those punishments on non-Islamic religions because that situation was very serious and this situation is very normal.

The divine Prophet Mohammad means ONE GOD as the meaning of the world Allah because the entire lifelong context in which He was placed was horrible fights based on religious differences establishing different Gods. The punishments suggested by Him were in the context of forcible suppression of multiplicity of God by even wars to stop mutual killing based on wrong spiritual knowledge. Today also, many religions and many Gods based on wrong spiritual knowledge exist, but, the situation is not as worse as that of that time. In that context, wars and severe punishments were inevitable and in this context of today, propagation of right spiritual knowledge is sufficient. You should not extend the statement of one context blindly to other different context of the same event also. Today, the solution can come by cutting the wrong arguments with the help of right arguments and hands and feet need not be cut with knives. The whole problem arises by blindly bringing the comments of God made in one context to another different context due to ignorance without little common sense and a trace of analysis!

Similarly, issues of inheriting the property, control of women, concepts of marriage, the status of adopted sons etc., present in that context and in that region were analysed with justified logic and judgements were passed by the divine Prophet Mohammad. Everywhere, every time, we must not miss the basic point that these judgements were specific to those situations only. If the situation is exactly same, anytime, anywhere, you can simply extend and apply the same judgement word to word. But, if situations were different, the same judgement of past different situations should not be applied to the new situations without suitable modifications.

How to transform a terrorist

Even a terrorist has some logic by which only he is practically behaving in that particular way. By your sharp analysis, you have to change that logic and then only reformation and realization comes even in terrorist. You must enlighten the misinterpretation of the scripture like Jihad, which is the fight for justice in the context of killing each other due to difference in the religions existing in the time of Prophet Mohammad. The situation of killing each other can be controlled by fight and sometimes in extreme conditions by removing some limbs like hands, legs etc. Killing can be stopped by fights or such severe punishments. Today when such context of killing is not there, you cannot bring the concept of Jihad to the context of today.

Today, only oral arguments and oral fights are going on between religions. In this context, only perfect rational analysis is sufficient to rectify the situation. Like this, we must understand the word of the Prophet with reference to the then existing context. You should not generalize a specific context to all the times and all the regions. Then only harmony between religions and world peace is possible. You must also remember that the Prophet told to teach about Allah to a human being after helping it and the final decision is left to the free will of the human being.

Clarification on the some of the controversial verses in Quran
A woman inherits half of what a man inherits: Qur'an 4:11
A woman's witness testimony is half of that of a man's: Qur'an 2:282

Women(Qur'an 4:11, 2:282, Qur'an 4:34): In that old context, women were terribly suppressed in all aspects by the ignorant men. This situation existed in every religion and in every region of the world. When you suppressed by somebody, he/she will react and revenge in silent or open ways. Women couldn’t revolt in open ways due their weaker physical strength compared to men. Showing difference by caste and gender is the climax of ignorance and stupidity. Naturally, women revolted in silent ways by becoming more alert and intelligent than men. Women became experts in cold war. They were trying to retort injustice through curved ways called cheating. Men blamed women as cunning liars. This was true in that situation but such retort was not unjust since diamond should be cut by diamond only. You cannot blame those women in view of their unjust suppression. Hence, the witness of two women was felt necessary for the truth to come out because of the non-unity of women in those days. Wife being left half of the husband, witness of one man was said to equal to the witness of two women. Suppression of women from education and property made them to become weaker sex. The divine Prophet gave equal right of property to the women because wealth or money is the basic strength of the entire world. Even in Hinduism the Veda said (Putrebhyo daayam...) that issues (Putra) should divide the property equally. As per Sanskrit grammar (Ekashesha sutra) the word ‘putra’ means both son and daughter. But, the word putra was misinterpreted by men to have the only meaning ‘son’. Selfish souls always pollute the scripture and analysis is the filter to be used for cleaning.

Discipline of the family is essential and one head of the family should exist, be father or be mother. In the old context father (man) remained as head and the entire family including mother (woman) was obeying the head. In the case of disobedience, the family looses unity and discipline. In such case beating was recommended just to induce fear and control. In this way, if understood properly, this gives justified colour. If misinterpreted in wrong way, it shows atrocity against women. This topic should be carefully and patiently understood and everywhere misinterpretation drags you to side. Today, there are several families in which the woman is the only earning member and happens to be the head of the family. In such case if the husband or children become disobedient, she, as the head of the family can beat her husband or children. Headship is important and not gender. In the old context, the head was always male, it is said that a disobedient wife should be controlled even by beating. Here, head controlling others is real focus and man controlling women is misinterpreted false focus. If the discipline comes by punishment, the anger should no more continue and no injustice should be done to anyone in anyway keeping past in mind (‘do not seek a way against them...’).
A man may marry the wife of his adopted son: Qur'an 33:4

Adopted son(: This son is not given by God. This type of son is got by the man only. There is no blood relationship between father and adopted son. The widow wife of such adopted son can be married by the father provided both are willing. This applies to a case of mutual willingness and not force to be applied in every case. Extension of it to all cases is again misinterpretation of selfish people.
Turned into Apes: Qur'an 2:65

Apes: Those who oppose the word of God, become undisciplined criminals to be treated as animals and not at all human beings. Animals have no ethics at all. In the animals also apes are very much unstable in psychology. Hence, such unstable criminals doing various types of sins without ethics are best addressed as apes.
A man can have sex with prisoners of war: Qur'an 33:50

Prisoners: The widows of prisoners are to be supported by providing peaceful family life. Here, wedding means maintenance. Husband means he, who maintains a woman (Bibharti iti bhartaa) and wife means she, who is maintained by the husband (Bhriyate iti bhaaryaa). The wedding with Prophet or human incarnation means that such unfortunate widow shall be maintained and supported by God. The word wedding should be taken as in the sense of supporting the widow and her children. If the widow and the supporter (man) are mutually willing, both can get further children through the sex. This applies to specific cases only to avoid the secret sexual dealings of a widow with many men and marriage with a man is better than that bringing deceases. Rules of ethics differ from case to case and no single rule exists that should be applied to all the cases in all the contexts.
A man can marry a girl who hasn't reached puberty: Qur'an 65:4

Marriage before puberty: This existed in Hinduism also in a specific span of time and not necessary for all the times. The Manusmuruti says that a girl should be married in her 8th year (Astavarshaa bhavet...). The Veda says that the girl should be married after 16th year (Maa me dabhraani...). This difference is based on the different contexts. A time was there when the girls were forcibly taken away for marriage. But, if the girl was married, she was leftover. To this context the first scripture applies. The normal context of all times was that such danger of looting unmarried girls was absent, which is even in the present time and to this context the second scripture applies. In such normal span of time, a grown up girl has grown up mentally also to select her husband. This process called svayamvaram existed in which a grown up girl interviews various grooms directly and makes her own selection with full freedom. Hence, such rules are specific for specific contexts only and this is very very important point.
A man may marry four wives: Qur'an 4:3

Four wives: This rule again applies to a specific context of time and region in which a man was marrying many many girls based on his power of money and rowdy nature. Such infinite number is reduced to four and here one is also suggested. Hence, from case to case the number varies from one to four. A soul can’t do justice to more than four based on the condition of health in that time.
"Cut off their hands": Qur'an 5:38 & Qur'an 5:33

Cutting hands of thieves: This again differs from context to context. When the sin of stealing reached climax and not controlled by any punishment, the last resort of the punishment was this. This can’t be applied to another context where the sin is under control.
Sura 5:33 orders the cutting off of the hands and feet of those who wage war against Allah and his Messenger.

Cutting hands and feet of opponents of Prophet: Jesus was the Prophet before Mohammad as agreed by Islam also. His hands and feet were cruelly nailed. Such criminals opposing God should be given this punishment. Jesus indicated that He and His father are one and the same (Monism). The anger for crucifixion came at this point. Jesus told the absolute truth as said by Shankara. The ego and jealousy of other co-human beings reached climax and Jesus was brutally killed. To avoid this horrible crime from which no involved soul can ever be excused by God, Prophet Mohammad established dualism (God and soul are totally different) and separated Allah from His messenger. Though He was human incarnation of Allah, to avoid such anger of God on souls, He rejected monism based on the context. In fact, both theories are correct and one and the same. When current flows through wire, current (God) is inseparable from the wire (messenger) and the electrified wire shows the property of electricity (shocking) whenever and wherever touched. For all practical purposes though both are different, remain as one and the same. The electrified wire is called as electricity itself. Prophet Mohammad criticized Jews and Christians in old context only and not in all contexts of all times. The reason for such criticism was only in the context of crucifixion of Jesus, since He was crucified on twisted background of political offence of anti Government, though the hidden real reason was the disliked spiritual knowledge of Jesus. He was aiming at the religious leaders and their followers only, who plotted the crucifixion in most cunning way and hence friendship with such people should not be done. The latter generations should repent to do such act again and this was the main aim of criticising their latter generations after a long time and this criticism subsequently applies to all.
Islam / Killing animals for food is not at all sanctioned by Allah
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Killing animals for food is not at all sanctioned by Allah

A muslim devotee argues with following statements from Hadit and Quran that eating non-veg is allowed in Islam:

[The Prophet (SAWS) said (Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad Nawawi's 40 Hadith 17):
 "Verily Allah has prescribed excellent in all things. So if you kill then kill well; and if you slaughter, then slaughter well. Let each one of you sharpen his blade and let him spare suffering to the animal he slaughters.”
 Allah says in the Qur'an (The Noble Qur'an 22:36-37):
 And the camels and cattle We have appointed for you as among the symbols of Allah ; for you therein is good. So mention the name of Allah upon them when prepared; and when they are settled, then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may be grateful.
 Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good.
Kindly enlighten on the genuineness and correctness of above verses.
 Also animal sacrifices practiced in Hinduism is correct?]

Shri Swami replied: If you are emotional with very strong settled mind to eat non-vegetarian food by killing animals, you will always search for a supporting scripture only. For you only your favourable interpretation stands authentic. However, if you are searching for truth with open mind, you must go through My following comments without initial prejudice and bias.

There are two ways of examination: 1) Any concept should be analyzed with powerful logical analysis only and the concept should pass through this fire test. If it passes through this test, certainly it is the statement of God because God is never illogical. God is the creator of all the living beings. He loves all the living beings as His children. If one child kills the other child, the father will suffer with highest pain than even the child killed. The simple logic is that you should just think about the probable pain that you suffer, keeping yourself in the place of that animal being killed. No more logic is needed than this perfect experience. Experience is said to be the highest authority. You should not take every statement of the scripture as authentic since in every scripture there are insertions from exploiters. You have to filter such insertions by pushing the entire scripture into the fire of logical analysis. Then only, you can find which is told by God and which is told by a clever human being inserting wrong concepts in to scriptures to support its sins.

2) Assuming that the statement was said by God, you have to carefully analyze it so that the interpretation of the scripture taken by you is verified to be correct or not. If the interpretation opposes the logical analysis, you must try to search the possibility of a second interpretation of the same text, which is quite logical and is easily available in the text if the statement is really stated by God. Let us examine these statements carefully: God (Allah) has created precious (excellent) in every living being (thing). The excellent is precious life that is common in every living being. God is not telling “kill the living being”. He is only telling “if you kill, then kill well”. What does this mean? God is not willing to kill the living being. However, if you are rigid to kill it, at least you take the name of God and kill it so that one day or other the fear for God may control you from this sin. God is also saying that you should sharpen your blade so that the suffering of the animal being killed is spared. This again means that God is feeling pained about the suffering of the slaughtered animal. God is also telling to distribute the meat to needy and beggars. This charity is again suggested to reduce the seriousness of sin. If the killing is already a good deed, there is no sin and there is no need of any charity to pacify the sin at least to some extent. God is also telling that He will receive the piety (pity to be shown on the slaughtered animal as per the religious convention indicated by Allah) from you. The word piety is used since you are doing a cruel act of killing the living being just for food even though you have plenty of alternative vegetarian food.

If you have open mind, My interpretation will touch your heart. But, if you have closed mind and is very fond of eating meat, you will not agree with My interpretation that opposes this slaughter of animals. You will rigidly take your own interpretation because you can’t avoid meat and you badly need the support of the scripture for the slaughter so that you will not feel guilty of consciousness due to satisfaction arrived that the slaughter is acceptable to God. But, such satisfaction is artificial only and somewhere, sometimes, prick in the consciousness of every non-vegetarian is inevitable because self-analysis is the highest authority.

All this applies to the sacrifices in Hinduism also. The Veda, the scripture of Hinduism clearly says (Manyuh pashuh) that the animal to be killed in sacrifice is not the actual animal, but, your animal nature like ignorance, rigidity and stupidity. The goat represents innocence of ignorance. Killing of goat means killing of your ignorant innocence. If you are innocent, all the exploiters of the scripture will take undue advantage to make you a scapegoat in any activity. Killing of innocent goat means that you should be always active and alert so that no exploiter of the scripture can fool you in the name of the original scripture by forcing you commit the sin so that his sin gets support of majority. In spiritual path, majority is not appreciated as in the case of politics.
Islam / Negation Idol worship in Quran
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Negation Idol worship in Quran

Swami replied: Worship of God represented by idol in the shape of a human form and worship of God in actual human form directly (as in the case of Jesus) are inter-linked with each other. Through worship of idol in the shape of human form, you are proceeding to worship God in human form in the advanced stage. The idol worship is a training before the actual worship of human form of God. Both these stages were seriously condemned by Prophet Mohammad because the advanced stage became very serious due to crucifixion of Jesus. The application of training is the employment. Training (idol worship) and employment (worship of God in human form) are abandoned to avoid such cruel crucifixions of divine personalities. Training is learning the shooting with the help of inert targets. Afterwards, employment is participation in the war to shoot alive enemies.

A mother objects her son from both training and subsequent employment since she heard that some person was killed by the alive enemies in the war. Allowing training (idol worship) as first stage leads to allowing the subsequent employment (worship of human incarnation). The kind mother loving her son very much does not allow her son even to participate in the training since the subsequent employment may kill her son in course of time. The Prophet decided to avoid the cruel crucifixions of human incarnations even though He Himself is the human incarnation of God. He reduced the human incarnation to the stage of a Messenger. If somebody writes a letter to you scolding you, you cannot punish the messenger (postman) for that letter. Hence, messenger will never be crucified. Even the energetic incarnation of God called as Father of Heaven (Divine Father) is negated because such form also is in the shape of human form only since Jesus told that He will sit on the lap of the divine Father. However, mere lump of energy (not having human form) was allowed by the Prophet as the medium of God for visualization. This is the ultimate aim of the Prophet to negate human form for the unimaginable God and He thought that it is better to negate even any form. Once the form is allowed, the best form (human form) will come into picture resulting in the human incarnation, which may be attacked by crucifixion by ignorant devotees. In this angle, you have to understand the concepts of the Prophet or Messenger of Islam. Avoiding practical effect (like crucifixion) is very important than establishing a theoretical concept even if it is truth. Truth is not climax of justice. Non-violence (ahimsa) is the climax of justice. To avoid killing of a good divine personality, you can suppress even a true theoretical concept in view of the stage of psychology of the followers in a specific region and in a specific period of time. The preacher should be practical also and should not be a mere theorist.

If you go back to the time of Jesus, the idol worship was discarded and not the worship of human form of God (Himself). The stage of His followers was different. The followers were involved in the idol worship (training) only and not entering the worship of human form of God (employment). In this time and in this region, the practical necessity is to divert the devotees of idols to the devotion of final human incarnation. A person is sitting in the training only throughout his life wasting a large number of bullets in shooting the inert targets only without entering the actual war. He never enters the war to use the bullets to kill the alive enemies. For such followers, Jesus objected the training and stressed on the employment, which is the participation in the war (serving the human incarnation). The real Christianity objects only the idol worship and not the worship of human incarnation since Jesus, the human incarnation declared that He is the truth and light. Jesus also told that He is the path, which means that one can worship the Father of Heaven (energetic incarnation of God that dissolved in Jesus) through Him. By worshiping Jesus, you are worshiping the invisible-imaginable Father of Heaven since Father (energetic form) merged with Son (materialized imaginable and visible form). By worshiping human form, you are worshiping the invisible-unimaginable God also, who merged with the Divine Father. The unimaginable-invisible God can’t be even thought and hence, can never be worshiped directly. The Father of Heaven is imaginable but invisible energetic form and also can’t be worshiped directly since He is invisible to all the ordinary human beings. Hence, by serving Jesus, you are serving the Divine Father in Jesus and also the unimaginable God present in the Father of Heaven. Hence, Jesus told that He is the path to worship both unimaginable-invisible God and imaginable-invisible Father of Heaven.

Christianity is like the mother advising her son to finish the training quickly and enter the actual war to kill the alive enemies. Islam is like the mother, who is very much shocked on hearing the death of her son in the war and not allowing her son to participate either in the training or in the subsequent war.

If you come to Hinduism, it is like the mother advising her son to spend any amount of time in the training period so that shooting the target is perfectly learnt before participating in the war. Somebody may learn the shooting in very less time and some other person may learn the shooting after a long time only. Hence, you cannot stipulate uniform period of time for training to all persons. This is the philosophy of Hinduism-mother. Once the shooting was learnt perfectly, the Christianity-mother appears saying that one should not waste bullets in shooting the inert targets for any more time and that the person should participate in the war immediately. Continuity of the person in the training (idol worship) is condemned by the Christianity-mother. Unfortunately, the person who participated in the war was caught by enemies and was crucified! Now, the Islam-mother appears saying that both training and participation in the war should be avoided in view of the cruel killing of her son. If you understand the sequence of practical effects, the modification of theoretical concepts by these three religions can be perfectly understood. If you are limiting yourself as an observer of a specific period of time only in this sequence, you will become a conservative Hindu or a conservative Christian or a conservative Muslim. If you become the observer of the total sequence of different periods and the necessity of modification of theoretical truths to avoid dangerous practical effects in the corresponding times of human incarnations, you will join the universal spirituality finding the uniform theoretical truth, which was sometimes exposed and sometimes hidden to suit the different psychologies of different times.
Islam / Meaning of partnership with Allah
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Kindly enlighten us regarding the use of the word ‘partnership’ with Allah used in the following Quranic verses:
[Say: "O People of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back, say ye: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah.s Will). (Surah Al-Imran, 64)
Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him; and do good- to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near, neighbours who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (ye meet), and what your right hands possess: For Allah loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious;- (Surah An-Nisa’, 36)
Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed. (Surah An-Nisa’, 48)
"How should I fear (the beings) ye associate with Allah, when ye fear not to give partners to Allah without any warrant having been given to you? Which of (us) two parties hath more right to security? (tell me) if ye know. (Surah Al-An‘am, 81)
This is the Guidance of Allah: He gives that guidance to whom He pleases, of His worshippers. If they were to join other gods with Him, all that they did would be vain for them. [6: Anam-88]
Follow what you are taught by inspiration from your Lord: there is no god but He: and turn aside from those who join gods with Allah. [6: Anam-106]]

Swami replied: If the human incarnation claims that It is God (monism of Shankara), it is objected by the persons crucifying Jesus. Suppose Jesus says that He is minor partner (special monism of Ramanuja) of God, then also, Jesus will be punished because the message coming from one partner involves the contribution of the second partner also. Both partners discuss and arrive at final conclusion. By this, the second partner is having contribution in the message and hence, becomes punishable as per the view of those cruel devotees. The Prophet wants to avoid the cruel punishment given by ignorant devotees in both ways (monism and special monism). The third possibility leftover is that Jesus (Son of Mary) remains as a separate human being becoming the servant of God to carry on the message like a postman (dualism of Madhva). This third possibility is emphasized by the Prophet in order to avoid the brutal reaction of ignorant devotees on divine personalities forever in the future.
Islam / Surah Sad 38-5
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Surah Sad 38-5

What is the meaning of ‘Has he made the gods [only] one God?’ in the following verses.
And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, "This is a magician and a liar. [38-4] Has he made the gods [only] one God? Indeed, this is a curious thing." [Surah Sad 38-5]

Swami replied: Even if Jesus is reduced to the lowest stage of Messenger, the ego and jealousy of brutal ignorant devotees may still punish the Messenger doubting the authority of the Messenger. A messenger himself may write a hot message in the name of somebody and may deliver it to you as a postman. What is the authority that the messenger is a postman? The messenger might be wearing a duplicate uniform dress of the postal department! This means that the miracles performed by the messenger (due to will of God) may be fraud like the magic, which appears as a miracle. This is the climax of ego and jealousy and for such devotees, nothing can be explained as the message of God. Such devotees are considered as demons, who will never agree with the greatness of others. Such souls are totally condemned and thrown into the liquid fire of hell forever. At least, they can examine the message and decide whether it is from God or the manipulation of the messenger. Sharp analysis will reveal the truth and if it is truth, it must be certainly from God.
Islam / Abrogation[2.106 Al Baqara]
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Abrogation[2.106 Al Baqara]

Abrogation: Kindly enlighten on the following    
Nothing of our revelation (even a single verse) do we abrogate or cause be forgotten, but we bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things? [2.106 Al Baqara]
[One scholar interpreted the above verse of quran as follows:
The Ahl-ul-Kitab (People of the Book) also question the need for a new revelation (Qur'an) when previous revelations from Allah exist. They further ask why the Qur'an contains injunctions contrary to the earlier Revelation (the Torah) if it is from Allah? Tell them that Our way of sending Revelation to successive anbiya (prophets) is that: Injunctions given in earlier revelations, which were meant only for a particular time, are replaced by other injunctions, and injunctions which were to remain in force permanently but were abandoned, forgotten or adulterated by the followers of previous anbiya are given again in their original form (22:52). And all this happens in accordance with Our laid down standards, over which We have complete control. Now this last code of life which contains the truth of all previous revelations (5:48), is complete in every respect (6:116), and will always be preserved (15:9), has been given [to mankind].

Swami replied: The Prophet wants to avoid any further revelation in the theoretical concepts based on monism and special monism that may lead to cruel punishments in future. The Prophet wants that the concept of the Messenger, totally disconnected to the message of God (dualism), shall stand forever so that such cruel ignorant reactions like crucifixion shall be avoided once for all. As long as the totally disconnected dualism of a postman-messenger remains in this world forever, such brutal reactions on divine personalities will be avoided. The Prophet feels that dualism is the actual truth (in view of avoiding cruel punishments of divine people) and special monism (partnership) and monism (human incarnation is God) are only the misinterpretations of the dualism that adulterated the actual truth (dualism).
Islam / Praying 5 Times Towards Mecca
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Pagans prior to Islam would pray five times per day towards Mecca. Muhammad retained for Islam, this pre-Islamic practice, sanctioning it with a story of a night trip to heaven on a mythical beast called al-Buraq. In heaven, the Hadith tells us that Allah demanded 50 prayers per day per Muslim. Upon advice from Moses, Muhammed bargains with Allah and successfully reduces it to five prayers per day. Kindly enlighten us on this bargain.

Swami replied: 50 prayers per day indicates the stage of highest devotee who is continuously in the spiritual path, in which both the legs of the devotee are in spiritual boat only since the other leg in the worldly boat is withdrawn. Before reaching this highest stage, a higher stage exists, which is 5 prayers per day. In this higher stage, both the legs of the devotee are in the two boats traveling side by side (spiritual boat and worldly boat). The basic high stage is to keep both legs in the worldly boat only following the justice of pravrutti due to fear from God. The lowest stage is indicating a pure materialistic atheist keeping both legs on the shore of the sea only. The indicated meaning should be understood through the literal meaning.
Islam / Prophet was influenced by satan?
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Prophet was influenced by satan?


Swami replied: When God in human form comes down to this earth filled with ignorant devotees, which is like a mud pond having some fallen children, God is also painted with mud in the process of lifting up the ignorant children. When a powerful bull is running fast, a wise person stops it after following it for some steps even though he caught the nasal rope of the bull in the first step itself. God follows the ignorance of the people for some time to become friendly with them before advising them against ignorance. Even the bird flying at the highest height in the sky has to come down to pick up the low level birds. If you warn them against their ignorance in the first step itself, they will rebel and revolt against you. First you have to accept their ignorant concepts and mix with them as a friend. Slowly, you have to show the defects in their concepts and divert them towards the truth with the lowest speed as far as possible.

Teaching the subject and the methodology of teaching in accordance with the psychology of the students are different. The preacher should be a scholar in both the subject and psychology. Different idols represent different media of God. The different inert idols are representing the different alive human forms of God. When this point is understood, the devotee will leave the idols and comes to the different human forms of God. Then, the oneness of unimaginable God present in all these different human incarnations should be preached so that the unnecessary splits between different human incarnations like Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Jesus, Mohammad, etc., disappear and this second stage is the universal spirituality. The only argument for establishing the oneness of God is that He is unimaginable, being beyond the space as the generator of the space. Though there is difference in the different human forms, since the same unimaginable God merged with all these different human forms to be treated as that unimaginable God Himself, all the human incarnations are one and the same from the angle of this one God. From the idol worship to the worship of contemporary human incarnation to the worship of the single unimaginable God through different human media are the different heights (one after the other) of different flying birds (spiritual aspirants).
Islam / Meaning of Qur'an (2:30 - 33):
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Meaning of Qur'an (2:30 - 33):

Kindly give right meaning of the following verse:
God says to the angels in the Qur'an (2:30 - 33): “‘Verily, I am going to place mankind generations after generations on earth.’ They (the angels) said: ‘Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we (the angels) glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You.’ God said: ‘I know that which you do not know.’

Swami replied: The point of angels is to praise the unimaginable (or even invisible Father of Heaven) God through theoretical devotion instead of the practical devotion in the form of service to human incarnation that results in shedding blood by crucifixion. God replied that He knows more than the angels. The angels are energetic forms and can’t crucify the energetic incarnation of God since energy can’t be destroyed like matter (in the sense of a layman and not in the sense of conservation of mass of a scientist). But, the program of God is for the sake of humanity having materialized bodies in the case of which crucifixion is possible. The theoretical truth of human incarnation is to be expressed to the humanity in spite of its violent reaction.

After all, in sometime, the truth has to be revealed and this point is not in the minds of angels as indicated by God through the last statement.
Astrology / Vastu, muhurta and remedies advised in Astrology
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Vastu, muhurta and remedies advised in Astrology

The presiding deities of the planets are controlled by various forms of God in turn indicating the God Himself.

The astrology-ladder leads ultimately to God only.

The vastu and muhurta are only the partial components of the astrology and cannot totally control any result

God is the ultimate authority and the planets are simply the executing officials of His will in the direction of reformation of the soul

A sinner cannot escape the results of his sins simply by getting good advices in vastu and muhurta.

Finally everything happens according to God’s will only.

The destiny, which is the will of God, finally sees that good comes to good people and bad comes to bad people

Every person has both good and bad fruits and there is no absolute good and absolute bad person

Shri Swami replied: Astrology consisting of certain precautions to be taken in vastu, muhurta and remedies advised on studying  the horoscopes etc., need not be separated from the spiritual knowledge. There are two levels in the spiritual path: 1) The initial level in which God or His unimaginable powers called as planets (actually the presiding deities of the planets) have to be prayed and worshiped for the sake of worldly problems. This is a business level, which is one and the same in the spiritual knowledge as well as astrology.

2) The second higher level of spiritual knowledge is to worship and serve the God leaving this lower level of business. Here, the astrology vanishes because it is only in the lower spiritual level dealing with God or planets with unimaginable power.

The first lower level of spiritual knowledge was not different from astrology in the ancient days. Later on, astrology with the names of planets and spiritual traditions with the names of forms of God are separated because the astrologers and priests liked to separate their business fields while exploiting innocent public for their earnings. The initial level is always with defects, which are unavoidable since the beginners are with several defects, the main defect being high selfishness (sarvarambhahi- Gita).

The presiding deities of the planets are controlled by various forms of God in turn indicating the God Himself. Thus, the astrology-ladder leads ultimately to God only. The vastu and muhurta are only the partial components of the astrology and cannot totally control any result. If a sinner is not to get good results of vastu and muhurta, he will meet a wrong astrologer only and enjoys his bad fruits. A person, who has to enjoy good fruits only meets a good astrologer and gets good advises to enjoy his good fruits. Even if the bad/good person meets good/bad astrologer, their brains will lose faith in the astrologers. The destiny or fate works here, which is nothing but the inevitable implementation of the results of the actions ordained by God at that time. All this procedure is only the implementation part of the fruits by the officials in the direction of the will of God. God is the ultimate authority and the planets are simply the executing officials of His will in the direction of reformation of the soul. Therefore, a sinner cannot escape the results of his sins simply by getting good advices in vastu and muhurta.

If God’s will is that the sinner should be punished at a specific time, bad astrologer will come in his contact and will lead to the bad result through wrong vastu and wrong muhurta, which are thought to be good by the bad astrologer. If God’s will is that even a sinner should be given some gap in the enjoyment of the bad fruits, a good astrologer will help him in that direction. An astrologer is also a human being and can err sometimes giving opposite predictions. In view of all these factors, finally everything happens according to God’s will only. The astrology is only the subject of the mechanical implementation of the fruits as per the will of God in His psychological treatment of His issues. Sages have written both good and bad vastu and muhurta. The destiny, which is the will of God, finally sees that good comes to good people and bad comes to bad people. But, in the course of the treatment, even a good person may have to be given the bad fruit and vice-versa as per the will in the treatment by God. Every person has both good and bad fruits and there is no absolute good and absolute bad person. Hence, you cannot say that one person is absolutely good or bad. This is a very complicated cycle differing from one case to the other as per the procedure of the treatment done by God, which is also highly specific to each case. Generalisation of all the cases is impossible since the analysis of even a single case brings lot of head-ache when you consider all the supporting and cancelling curves in the path of implementation.

The scientific procedure of the results by the unimaginable powers of God, called as the presiding deities of the planets, is expressed as astrology by the sages Parashara and Jaimini with the grace of God only. No doubt, the good vastu and good muhurta are expressed in astrology. But, before you catch that good muhurta and good vastu, so many forces play in between and there is a long way between the cup and lip. Before you sip the coffee by your lip from the cup, anything may happen including the final destruction of the world (Maha pralaya)!

I give an example for this. My father was a great astrologer. My father sympathised a poor priest and suggested him to put a small hut at least in his site on one muhurtam (auspicious time), which, according to him can possibly come after sixty years only. The priest did not follow the advice of My father and sold the same muhurtam for just hundred rupees to four farmers, who raised huts in the same time in their fields far from their petty village, called Vamanapalem. The priest presided over the function of foundation of the huts of the farmers and could not use it for himself. Those four huts developed tremendously and became a big village with in very short time and slowly became a small city called Jayapuram! Therefore, the play of destiny is very powerful and the person will close his eyes and walk in the way till he crossed over the lump of gold placed by Goddess Lakshmi to favour him. In spite of all these, the unimaginable relationship between good or bad and a particular time or specific dimensions of the rooms in the house is unimaginable.

 I know several people, who criticize astrology externally and follow it secretly saying that their wives insisted on it! I hate such hypocrisy. We cannot deny such major lot of humanity believing in astrology, especially when there is a fair opportunity to correlate the astrology with the spiritual knowledge. When there is a way for compromise, clash is unnecessary and it is our duty to show the spiritual path to this major lot, which quotes countless instances of correct predictions throughout the world.

Astrology is well believed science throughout the world. You yourself wrote a message about the prediction of Nostradamus on My delivery of this spiritual knowledge. A genius scientist from the part of a country surrounded by three seas will come in future to correlate all the religions in this world by which the borders between religions disappear. Is it not exactly true in My case? These predictions should not be taken as mere outcomes of astrology, but also, should be taken as the foretelling of future by the blessing of God. Astrologers worship God to a great extent for achieving the accuracy in the predictions. Lord Dattatreya is supposed to be worshiped in this aspect. Hence, the spiritual knowledge is inherently blended with the astrology and correlation in the concepts can be easily achieved by the sharp analysis. Jesus criticized astrologers in His time since they were trying to reduce the importance of God and spiritual knowledge and were trying to establish that everything proceeds by the control of planets, which are other than God. Jesus criticized such misinterpreted astrology projected by the atheistic astrologers. We will also throw away such atheistic form of astrology.

 In essence, God is the final authority in the case of any unimaginable aspect. You will attain everything, good or bad by the will of God only, which is the destiny of your so called destiny. However, this does not bind you to the concept of fate because this world is karma loka giving you full freedom to develop or destroy yourself. The freedom runs in parallel with the psychological treatment done by God without interfering each other. The parallel line of freedom shows the results of the treatment done by God. If there is a real change due to the treatment, it gets reflected in the parallel line of freedom in which you act freely without the influence of any other factor. The treatment and the test of the signs of the betterment run as parallel lines as components of the divine program of the psychological cure of the soul by God.

God does not care for the astrology because it is only His way of arrangement of the duties to be performed in His divine administration. His will only gets implemented finally even if you carefully study the constitution of His administration. Kauravas fixed the Amavasya as the muhurtam for the war in which the victory is certain, as per the advice of Sahadeva, the opponent, who follows the principle of giving correct advice in astrology whoever may ask for it. Lord Krishna fixed the muhurtam one day before Amavasya on which the defeat is certain. Lord Krishna started doing the Amavasya-ritual one day before. The Sun and Moon were confused and appeared before the Lord stating that tomorrow is only Amavasya. The Lord asked them the day by which Amavasya can be recognised. Both told that when Sun and Moon come together, it is recognised as Amavasya-day. The Lord told that since both are together, that day itself must be Amavasya! Finally, the will of God prevailed over everything and even the presiding deities of Sun and Moon planets could not stand wise before the Lord. Hence, astrology cannot do anything against the will of God.

My father used to force Me to give predictions in astrology and concentrate on the subject. He thought that I had no interest in the subject and hence is not studying it deeply. I wrote a commentary in Sanskrit on Jaimini sutras in astrology in one week and presented it to My father. My father studied it and was astonished to see the ideas in the commentary and stated that the points invented by him in the span of 50 years of study were totally presented in the commentary. My father told that in spite of such deep knowledge, what is the reason that I do not take interest in astrology! I told “I am interested in the spiritual knowledge and both philosophy and astrology can be called as Jyoutisha Shastram, which means that it is the subject of light (Jyoti). The nine lights are the planets and the light supplying radiation to these nine lights is called as the ultimate light as per the Veda (param jyotih...). Hence, I also concentrate on Jyoutisha Shastram. The difference between you and Me is only that I am interested in the ultimate light and you are interested in the nine output lights”. Since then, My father never forced Me in this point.

Astrology is considered to be one of the six shastras believed by our ancient people from a long time, which was used to decide the time of performance of a sacrifice. However, we need not give any weight to the subject if it contradicts the sharp logical analysis in case it contradicts the real spiritual path. If you filter out the astrology of the recent selfish and commercial astrologers, I find no opposition by astrology to the spiritual path. In view of the lot of majority following it sincerely quoting several instances of true predictions, in the light of existence of unimaginable events called miracles indicating the unimaginable God, in the light of possible co-relationship with the divine administration of unimaginable God and in the view of smooth merge of these believers with the subject of spiritual knowledge, I find no need to throw away the astrology as the enemy. When the ideals are exactly same, two political parties merge together and there is nothing wrong in such union. All the contradictions between the two subjects are superficial only and find unity on sharp logical analysis. Astrology was called as Jyoutisha shastram (subject of light) since it was part of philosophy, which is also the subject of light. The light in both the subjects was the ultimate light or absolute God only. The astrology was also thus, related to the subject of ultimate light only and in due course of time, it was separated as the subject of nine output lights. Even these nine output lights are only the executing officials of the administration of the ultimate light, astrology is not contradicting philosophy even today.

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