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An Open Door
« on: November 28, 2012, 04:03:17 AM »
A door ever-open
waits for us to peek through
and listen
to an awareness
that you already knew.

It says
love is always present
and never truly left,
you've just been looking on the outside
for something you thought you'd lost.

Love's whisperings are here for you,
their benevolence given to all,
its simply through that doorway,
always open,
that you need to explore

and give to yourself that something
that is already found,

and then dear angel,
child of light,
your feet will not touch the ground,

as heaven's open gate
is found
within you.

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(Sally Jordan Austin)


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Re: An Open Door
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 08:35:05 AM »
An open gate is an invite to enter, a closed gate is a bar and is
forbidding, but a broken gate often leaves us wondering what to do. The
try to enter raises the fear that one may further damage it or be hurt
by it, but to walk on by denies many possibilities.

Consider the people we meet. There are those who we take to, they become
acquaintances or occasionally friends. We like what we see and hear when
we meet them, their aura resonates with us, and when we touch them the
images and feelings that we receive please us - they usually feel the
same way about us.
There are those who we do not like, something about them puts us off,
their manner, their aura and when we touch them the images and feelings
make us draw back - they usually feel the same way about us.
Then there are those who we meet that we have uncertainty about. Often
it is the case that something in them feels broken. They are sad or
suffering in some way, they have an illness or have difficulty
connecting with others, introspective and very often just afraid. Their
aura makes little sense and is disturbed and if and when we touch them
we get feelings that are unsettling, and images that we find difficult
to deal with.

The initial action more often than not is to retreat, we fear that they
are contagious, that their problems will transfer to us by the simple
action of contact. We worry that involvement may bring us down, it makes
us nauseous and we fear that we will be either contaminated or be sucked
into a spiral of counseling that we do not really want or think we can
afford. Their broken nature actually assists us with this, repelling and
warding us off.
So we back off and the broken gate goes unfixed and un-entered.

What a loss of possibilities - you see inside the broken gate lies an
opportunity not only for a caring relationship and the chance to help
and connect with someone, but the fact that we walk by reflects within
us that our own gate is broken, that we exhibit the same forbidding,
grim and unwelcoming aspects, and this may just have been something that
would allow us to repair our own gate and then leave it open as a
friendly invite.

As we walk away from the caring option, leaving our own gate needing
repair one final problem arises, and that is how we will react when we
see ourselves in the mirror, gate broken, repugnant and full of dismay,
a reflection of those things we shun, unable to help ourselves and
no-one else around to help.


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Re: An Open Door
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2012, 10:05:31 PM »
Thank you Cactuschris, for your philosophy and take on this metaphor.

Blessing to you

Morning Star
Morning Star
(Sally Jordan Austin)


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