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Feel Bliss Now
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:51:00 PM »
I want you to picture something material right now that you desire, but you do not have. Do you really desire it, or do you desire the feeling that you KNOW you will have once you attain it? Without a doubt it has to be the feeling achieved when the material desire is attained. I don't ask you to stop the desire, because that's caused repression. I only ask you to ponder where that feeling comes from?

This is an anology that may not be related to your desire. Suppose a man wanted to go on a vacation resort at the beach, with the comforting noise of the seashore drifting, and the feeling of the sun on him. What happens if he is there? He feels either a combination of peace/joy. But a noise is a noise. A noise isn't an emotion. A feeling of heat is a feeling of heat, it neither is an emotion. The smell of salt is the smell of salt, neither is that an emotion. It is the knowledge that he has achieved his desire which creates the feeling of bliss. But desires keep changing and imperfections keep creating.

If you follow where this is going, you can come to the logical conclusion that all bliss comes from the mind. Desires also come from the mind.  Don't stop desires. That leads to lethargy. I ask you to feel not intellectually know, but feel that the mind produces bliss. To say the mind produces pain is biased. Fire produces warmth, sticking your hand in fire produces pain.

Feeling bliss inside you leads you to seek out material objects to reinforce bliss. This is good not bad.

Example: If your face looks good, why not look in the mirror to admire its beauty.

Be the enjoyer of your mind. And remember what is external is internal and what is internal is projected as external (you notice the beauty of nature more when you feel GREAT)


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