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Elevation Versus Disgrace
« on: February 14, 2013, 01:16:31 AM »
"Knowledge That Needs To Be Implemented"
Why Don't I Get Along With Majority Of The People?
Why Am I Only Comfortable With Myself? Am I Antisocial?
Do I Believe I Am Good Enough?

Or Do I Believe Nobody Is Worthy Enough To Deserve My Company?
These Are Some Of The Questions Most People Have Asked Themselves
At One Time Or The Other!

Why is it that when people enter the journey of Iman and gain knowledge and understanding; instead of gaining more closeness to Allah and more quality, they go in reverse and instead start to become more rebellious, stubborn, blind, full of complains, and begin to blame their surroundings?

The ultimate disgrace from Allah (SWT) is to give you knowledge and snatch from you the ability and struggle to live the knowledge and to build good moral qualities which are meant to bring you closer to Him (SWT) and to put His (SWT)s pleasure above your own.

Islam, a journey showing Allah (SWT) that you have completely submitted to Him (SWT) is manifested through fasting, one of the pillars of Islam.

Fasting is to sacrifice your desire fee-sabi-lillah (for the sake of Allah). It is a training to obtain the qualities that Allah loves, which are a sign of belonging and tasleem (submission). Submission to the will of the Almighty is always a struggle against our own carnal desires.

It requires faith, patience, and the will to behave according to what He (SWT) is pleased with at a time when Qadr (destiny) takes place or an unexpected situation is ordained for us.

This is how Allah (SWT) tests the obedience of His slaves and this is His Sunnah, or way of doing things, which will never change. We can see it in Chapter 29 Al-Ankabut as below...

Chapter 29 Al-Ankabut
In Verses 2 - 3 Allah SWT Says
Do Men Think That They Will Be Left Alone
On Saying, "We Believe,
And That They Will Not Be Tested?
We Did Test Those Before Them,
And Allah Will Certainly Know Those Who Are True
From Those Who Are False!

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