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Negation Idol worship in Quran
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Negation Idol worship in Quran

Swami replied: Worship of God represented by idol in the shape of a human form and worship of God in actual human form directly (as in the case of Jesus) are inter-linked with each other. Through worship of idol in the shape of human form, you are proceeding to worship God in human form in the advanced stage. The idol worship is a training before the actual worship of human form of God. Both these stages were seriously condemned by Prophet Mohammad because the advanced stage became very serious due to crucifixion of Jesus. The application of training is the employment. Training (idol worship) and employment (worship of God in human form) are abandoned to avoid such cruel crucifixions of divine personalities. Training is learning the shooting with the help of inert targets. Afterwards, employment is participation in the war to shoot alive enemies.

A mother objects her son from both training and subsequent employment since she heard that some person was killed by the alive enemies in the war. Allowing training (idol worship) as first stage leads to allowing the subsequent employment (worship of human incarnation). The kind mother loving her son very much does not allow her son even to participate in the training since the subsequent employment may kill her son in course of time. The Prophet decided to avoid the cruel crucifixions of human incarnations even though He Himself is the human incarnation of God. He reduced the human incarnation to the stage of a Messenger. If somebody writes a letter to you scolding you, you cannot punish the messenger (postman) for that letter. Hence, messenger will never be crucified. Even the energetic incarnation of God called as Father of Heaven (Divine Father) is negated because such form also is in the shape of human form only since Jesus told that He will sit on the lap of the divine Father. However, mere lump of energy (not having human form) was allowed by the Prophet as the medium of God for visualization. This is the ultimate aim of the Prophet to negate human form for the unimaginable God and He thought that it is better to negate even any form. Once the form is allowed, the best form (human form) will come into picture resulting in the human incarnation, which may be attacked by crucifixion by ignorant devotees. In this angle, you have to understand the concepts of the Prophet or Messenger of Islam. Avoiding practical effect (like crucifixion) is very important than establishing a theoretical concept even if it is truth. Truth is not climax of justice. Non-violence (ahimsa) is the climax of justice. To avoid killing of a good divine personality, you can suppress even a true theoretical concept in view of the stage of psychology of the followers in a specific region and in a specific period of time. The preacher should be practical also and should not be a mere theorist.

If you go back to the time of Jesus, the idol worship was discarded and not the worship of human form of God (Himself). The stage of His followers was different. The followers were involved in the idol worship (training) only and not entering the worship of human form of God (employment). In this time and in this region, the practical necessity is to divert the devotees of idols to the devotion of final human incarnation. A person is sitting in the training only throughout his life wasting a large number of bullets in shooting the inert targets only without entering the actual war. He never enters the war to use the bullets to kill the alive enemies. For such followers, Jesus objected the training and stressed on the employment, which is the participation in the war (serving the human incarnation). The real Christianity objects only the idol worship and not the worship of human incarnation since Jesus, the human incarnation declared that He is the truth and light. Jesus also told that He is the path, which means that one can worship the Father of Heaven (energetic incarnation of God that dissolved in Jesus) through Him. By worshiping Jesus, you are worshiping the invisible-imaginable Father of Heaven since Father (energetic form) merged with Son (materialized imaginable and visible form). By worshiping human form, you are worshiping the invisible-unimaginable God also, who merged with the Divine Father. The unimaginable-invisible God can’t be even thought and hence, can never be worshiped directly. The Father of Heaven is imaginable but invisible energetic form and also can’t be worshiped directly since He is invisible to all the ordinary human beings. Hence, by serving Jesus, you are serving the Divine Father in Jesus and also the unimaginable God present in the Father of Heaven. Hence, Jesus told that He is the path to worship both unimaginable-invisible God and imaginable-invisible Father of Heaven.

Christianity is like the mother advising her son to finish the training quickly and enter the actual war to kill the alive enemies. Islam is like the mother, who is very much shocked on hearing the death of her son in the war and not allowing her son to participate either in the training or in the subsequent war.

If you come to Hinduism, it is like the mother advising her son to spend any amount of time in the training period so that shooting the target is perfectly learnt before participating in the war. Somebody may learn the shooting in very less time and some other person may learn the shooting after a long time only. Hence, you cannot stipulate uniform period of time for training to all persons. This is the philosophy of Hinduism-mother. Once the shooting was learnt perfectly, the Christianity-mother appears saying that one should not waste bullets in shooting the inert targets for any more time and that the person should participate in the war immediately. Continuity of the person in the training (idol worship) is condemned by the Christianity-mother. Unfortunately, the person who participated in the war was caught by enemies and was crucified! Now, the Islam-mother appears saying that both training and participation in the war should be avoided in view of the cruel killing of her son. If you understand the sequence of practical effects, the modification of theoretical concepts by these three religions can be perfectly understood. If you are limiting yourself as an observer of a specific period of time only in this sequence, you will become a conservative Hindu or a conservative Christian or a conservative Muslim. If you become the observer of the total sequence of different periods and the necessity of modification of theoretical truths to avoid dangerous practical effects in the corresponding times of human incarnations, you will join the universal spirituality finding the uniform theoretical truth, which was sometimes exposed and sometimes hidden to suit the different psychologies of different times.


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