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Surah Sad 38-5
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Surah Sad 38-5

What is the meaning of ‘Has he made the gods [only] one God?’ in the following verses.
And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, "This is a magician and a liar. [38-4] Has he made the gods [only] one God? Indeed, this is a curious thing." [Surah Sad 38-5]

Swami replied: Even if Jesus is reduced to the lowest stage of Messenger, the ego and jealousy of brutal ignorant devotees may still punish the Messenger doubting the authority of the Messenger. A messenger himself may write a hot message in the name of somebody and may deliver it to you as a postman. What is the authority that the messenger is a postman? The messenger might be wearing a duplicate uniform dress of the postal department! This means that the miracles performed by the messenger (due to will of God) may be fraud like the magic, which appears as a miracle. This is the climax of ego and jealousy and for such devotees, nothing can be explained as the message of God. Such devotees are considered as demons, who will never agree with the greatness of others. Such souls are totally condemned and thrown into the liquid fire of hell forever. At least, they can examine the message and decide whether it is from God or the manipulation of the messenger. Sharp analysis will reveal the truth and if it is truth, it must be certainly from God.