Author Topic: Creation of bad in this world apart from good  (Read 2014 times)


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Creation of bad in this world apart from good
« on: January 18, 2011, 04:38:45 PM »
Creation of bad in this world apart from good
God is associated with both good and bad
The fundamental aspect of creation of this Universe by God is only entertainment

 People often get the doubt about the creation of bad in this world apart from good. The bad is related to the qualities of Rajas and Tamas. The good is related to the quality of Sattvam. Since God is the Creator and Maintainer of both good and bad, He is associated with both good and bad. This is clear when we say that Vishnu is associated with Sattvam, Brahma is associated with Rajas and Shiva is associated with Tamas. The doubt is that God should have been always in the form of Vishnu only. In fact, there is a sect called Vaishnavas, who follow this point. They treat God as Vishnu or Narayana only. In such case, God should not be the Creator of the entire world since bad is also a part of the world. This will limit God to the partial capacity of Creation. Even if you say that bad is the creation of souls, since God is the Creator of all the souls, the indirect responsibility of bad appears to God.

Otherwise, God should have made bad to disappear as soon as it is created by the souls. The maintenance of bad should not have been possible without the will of God, since will of God is the reason of everything in the Creation. The fundamental aspect of creation of this Universe by God is only entertainment as said in the Veda (Ekakinaramate…) and in the Brahma Sutras (Lokavattu…). The entertainment in single phase of good is always boring. When you eat a sweet dish continuously, you require the hot pickle also now and then to give a break in eating the sweet. This break or change gives you the reinforcement of taste to eat sweet again. In eating the meals, both dishes of sweet and hot are always maintained.

You may say that this necessity of break belongs to the lower human beings but not to the highest God. In such case, the entertainment is also related to lower human beings but not to highest God. If that is true, the scripture should not have told the requirement of entertainment for God. You cannot contradict the Scripture since its Author is God and this is explained by the 3rd Brahma Sutra (Sastrayonitvat). In the subject of unimaginable God, the unimaginable God alone can be the authority.
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Re: Creation of bad in this world apart from good
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 06:28:26 AM »
Still, God created evil for good reasons.  I believe He created bad to give balance to good. Because perchance, if Adam and Eve didn’t sin, if the evil didn’t get there to tempt them, the world is as still as the Garden of Eden with only these two perfect humans He first created. We may not have existed; there will definitely be no need for life struggle and achievement of good. As for the entertainment, God would definitely get bored with it as human does. Anyway, I believe we also derive that feeling from the Creator who made it.


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