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What is 'KNOW'
« on: October 10, 2012, 02:41:10 PM »
To advance Spiritually we must meditate to KNOW THYSELF.

Meditation and 'Knowing'..what does it mean. This is easy..Do you know to harm another is wrong? HOW?..

Meditation is discovering our own inner most thoughts. It is the KNOWING of things that do not have to be told to us, but affect our heart. Meditation allows us' know' that there are answers inside of us if we only have the courage and time to get past what we have been taught.  Our HEART KNOWS since it is connected with GOD and the HIGHER-SELF.

This feeling in the heart as a 'knowing' is created by GOD as our compass while lost in a world of self service. It signals to us when things are not in line with our HIGHER SELF and HEART. The mind can 'trick' the heart into doing things not "in- line" with LIGHT or 'constructive', and will even cause great discomfort when first presented with something the ego does not like. The 'ego' will use the mind to trick the SPIRIT into ignoring the HEART when threatened, keeping it in a constant state of imbalance and negative emotions.

The only way to have a clear 'KNOWING' on any subject is to clear the mind of all harmful beliefs . First we need to release the fear of being wrong about our beliefs in GOD. Seek out what is causing the mind to struggle against the HEART. Then drop everything you thought you knew, and all selfish desires as if you were speaking to a friend in need with no need to control the outcome, only lead to their truth which makes them complete.
The friend is you having self dialogue with an open mind not rooted in desires, and it will produce any answer to any Spiritual question eventually as something you just 'KNOW' , after releasing the fear of being incorrect in the eyes of GOD, and you just ponder the question with diligence.
This is knowing. It does not require years of meditation on mountain tops or secret material to unlock reality. It is simply knowing thyself and your true feelings on a subject. This is why the KINGDOM of HEAVEN  is within as it liberates the SPIRIT from destructive actions not previously known as destructive. They are only uncovered when meditated on objectively using your heart as the guide and mind as the referee. Clearing unwanted habits due to old thoughts or the way you were 'programmed' by harmful beliefs, calms the SPIRIT releasing guilt. If anything causes an emotional reaction it is from a lack of your own KNOWING of what right or wrong is ,and the ego is reacting to the incorrect view it holds. If it KNEW, there would be no need to be defensive. Would you get mad if I said the sky was green and that dirt is blue?
So in quiet reflection and meditation we come to a knowing about what is acceptable around us at any given time. We are all at different stages of knowing because we are on different paths with various perspectives trying to make sense of a collective reality that is not of LIGHT. As our own need to be right releases along with the false doctrine programmed into our minds as beliefs, clarity sets in and different understandings begin to emerge as KNOWING. It is only when the mind is aligned with the HEART and free from false beliefs can it 'see' the true objective reality around it taking place and it's structure through mere observation.
Be in this world but not of it..Act as a kind observer who helps guide others when allowed to by GOD. KNOWING is within us all if we take the time to learn about ourselves, and not what we are told by others who view reality from a totally manipulated perspective.


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