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I Was Given the Sword
« on: August 13, 2012, 09:55:22 PM »
Hello All, During an intense meditative experience, I was given a sword. A sword that isn't held by the left hand or the right hand. No, this sword is within the mind. It enables the user to slice suffering into oblivion. Imagine this sword in your mind. On the handle it reads "only now". When one meditates, put a stop watch in your lap and start the time. When you are done meditating, look at the stop watch. Suppose it reads 20 minutes. When one reaches for that sword, ignornce is immediately sliced to such an extent it is no more. Why? 20 minutes is a false concept for every second that ticked by, you think you moved into the future. But the floor beneath you and the trees around you and the sky above you also moved into this supposed future. Ask yourself what moved where? Change is always now. The concept of past needs to be sliced and the concept of future needs to be sliced. You see a clock ticking on a wall? I don't hear "tick tick tick" i hear "now, now, now". Don't let confusion overtake you. Grasp the sword of knowledge- change is in the now! Thinking about the past and future are mental impressions experienced in the now!
   There is a truth that pierces through the concept of life and death. It is improper for me to put in words. A word is stored in the mind but the experience of this truth destroys the mind! It produces laughter that won't stop and childish joy which is insane. Knowing this will put you in a straight jacket in the "world" but send you throughout space!
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Re: I Was Given the Sword
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2012, 07:47:38 PM »
Ok, so we need to use this metaphorical sword to slice away the concepts of the past and the future...why? Why is giving up any concept of time necessary?


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Re: I Was Given the Sword
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