Author Topic: Mother Mary's Message--for the New Year (Channeled)  (Read 1425 times)

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Mother Mary's Message--for the New Year (Channeled)
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:35:25 AM »
Beloved and sacred children of this earth, my peace is with you. My love is with you all, regardless of belief or spiritual orientation. Whether you see me as Mary or some other benevolent loving spiritual Mother, no matter for I am the Divine Mother of all and my Spirit of love is with you.

I walk this pathway with you upon this new earth—whose consciousness is being reformed just as it is being reformed within each and every one of you.

The leaves of a past existence and difficulty, that so many of you have passed through this last year, is indeed over and new seeds of peace have been planted within each of you so that all hardship can be released, so that peace can be known, and love can be received.

I walk with you on the snowy landscape of the purity of your being, that has always been your truth. I walk with each of you on the terrain that this new year can bring.
The old has broken away, or fallen, so that something new can be born, and what is born is truth; what remains is the truth of your being, your essence, and your love.

Even as difficulty may have visited you it occurred so that what was fallow, born of falsehood and illusions, could be cleared and the truth would be known. Only love remains now, to illuminate you, for there is only love that exists within the field of consciousness that is Spirit's light.

My voice is heard inside of your heart, that coaxes and urges you each to embrace more love and joy in the coming times. You heart has these seeds of truth within it, and has had since the beginning. These seeds are your remembrance of heaven, of the heaven that exists within Our love—your Divine Father and I. These seeds stir you to turn away from lack, hardship, and pain, as well as that which does not bring harmony and love into your lives.

You were born in joy, in Spirit, and it is to this joy that you return now. Those seeds within your heart are awakening and reminding you that you rest within Divine Spirit, and that your true existence is to live within joy and light. These seeds, this remembrance, is stirring you to embrace more that brings you joy, a sense of peace, and self-loving in each day. You will find yourselves increasingly turning away from disharmony, disturbance, and falsehood, and instead turning more fully to the question, inside of you, that asks you what would bring to you the most joy and peace in each day.

It is alright to turn from, with love, that which you have outgrown or that no longer brings harmony or joy to you. You are being guided through my love to open to a higher level of Self that would encourage you to grow, experience, and express yourself and your life in ways that bring you into alignment with your truth, that bring you into alignment with the sacred spirit that is you and that knows the eternal being that you are, that is centered within Our love.

This is, and has been, a time of radical shift, not for the purpose of destruction, decay, or loss but for love to open up more fully within you, for light to shine through you, and for a true reality to be embraced. That reality is love, Our love, and Our love is Everything that rests within you; it is everything that you are and everything that you most wish to experience on the deepest levels of your being.

So, my sacred children rest within My heart, rest within a love that has always been and is with you now—through your Divine Father and I.

Rest within a love that your spirit and soul has always known and have peace; then peace will come and touch your life in such a way that will bring harmony to each new moment and bring peace into your daily lives.

And so it is.

Blessings from Mother Mary, the carrier of peace unto this earth. Blessed be.

Channel: Rev Sally Jordan Austin (Morning Star)
Morning Star
(Sally Jordan Austin)


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