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Our future as a species
« on: August 18, 2012, 12:16:06 PM »
Our Future

As we are here on a spiritual information sharing forum, and as human beings, we have a few issues that affect how we react to ideas. When we have something to say, readers are not always in a receptive mode. And we are not always on the same page regarding topics. Plus we have emotions that, no matter what, affect how we relate.

Timing is a prime factor. We simply cannot be efficient in understanding each other. I don't think we disagree as much as it seems. In fact, if we were sitting in the same room, I would suggest that before we left that room we would agree on 80% of what we discuss. We would be more receptive and it would be easier to adjust.

As a human being on Earth, we all share truths. Part of these truths are problems. Part of them are solved by a positive attitude, and part are more serious and require reality. A positive attitude is great for most things, but recurring problems that affect all humanity, and have to be dealt with at some point, get put off.

If we want to be a responsible species and be free, have wealth, not suffer, and solve problems, then we must operate within guidelines. EVERYTHING must have limitations.

1) Population- there has to be a limit. We can argue about the specifics, but it is not difficult to imagine a world that is wall to wall it almost is now.

2) Freedom- again, we can argue about specifics, but we have to have a limit on our ability to do whatever we want.

3) Health- right now we are obsessed as a whole with our health, plus we are lazy in how we deal with it. We take pills and overeat. No one needs to take more than one or two pills...and no one needs to overeat. Health should be something that resolves itself naturally. If we cannot achieve health in a simple fashion then we need to be able to change our life.

4)Truth- we need a system by which truth can be identified. Then we need a manner to inforce that truth, and adjust it as we discover more. And then we all need to accept it or invest our time into adjusting it. If we had a proper system, it would not be hard to do.

5)Definition- we must be required to define who we are and then have to live that way. It all boils down to talking the talk and then walking the walk. Our governments are corrupt, with no exceptions. We need to have 100% of people live their life within the lines, and then have a system that deals with those who do not. A properly effective system will establish precedents, and without precedents, we will delude ourselves and then lower the quality of our species.

6)Faith- as with everything we do, we must have limits. Our society must have a committment toward seeking truth, and science should also establish a spiritual division so that all of truth is part of science.

If we get our act together, the ego would be overcome. As it is, I do not think we can make progress in the definition of mankind. We will self-destruct again, and until we get our act together, EXCUSES will define what we are as a species.

If you disagree, then you should have a method to establish equity in how you feel. Our laws would constantly be improving, and if we blunder, someone will be able to point it out. As it is, we cannot even commit to what we are right now.

It is obvious that EGO is the factor that will not allow us to make any sense at all. Selfishness is what we are. And it is not our fault. It IS our fault that we do not learn, and right now, my words are telling the truth. Do you agree or disagree? Our current condition may be a primary factor in how you respond.

It is actually a simple process to do what I am talking about. It is also a simple process to accept blame for it not being simple. You are to blame, and that means all of us. Do something about it.

If you think we only have one chance to live on Earth, then you should also agree that is is not very important then. It is important if we reincarnate. So, why not live as a whole and commit to the only thing that can be important?

And if you have a better idea, who is stopping you from explaining it?



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