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Hi peace and life for all
this messages is translated from spanish (contactocosmico) Hope will help people understand the events that will begin by 21 Dic 2012

The Mayans
An enigma too many, a reality for others but ...
  What is Truth?
The Mayans, a transcendental civilization, splendid, brilliant and amazing, who taught for 17 centuries on the Mesoamerican area, leaving his famous Mayan calendar and its various interpretations of prophecies and physical psychological and spiritual changes in December 21, 2012.
The Mayans were an advanced civilization and mysterious, viewed from today, dominated and knew perfectly the world of science. They were great mathematicians, led perfectly linear geometry mystical as the Great Architect of the Universe, were artists, builders, astronomers, defined the number zero centuries before Western men, erected temples and palaces like the Egyptians, defined planetary cycles with symmetry like that of Venus and the Sun.

We all know that the Spanish are credited with the discovery of America, they make gestures of pride because of this, but in Europe there is no civilization of hierarchy such as the Mayans, this means that if the Mayans had wanted to do discoveries they would have traveled to Europe etc. They had all the wisdom to do so, knew space navigation, it is obvious that they could easily travel in earth.
Among the legacies this civilization left, we find a calendar mathematically perfect; blue colors Mayan pyramids, temples and palaces and their interpretations of events and prophecies about 2012.
The Mayans were big time meters, possessed three calendars:
-The calendar TZOO-ki (or sacred Tzolkin) of 252 days (28 by 9), used for internal development mystical techniques, they had a leader who wisely conducted the pupil to get out  of the maze of darkness, also gave him the sacred symbols , minerals (ingested) followed by vegetables of   external application and had a metal fork for defense and internal and external forces of ego.
- The Ha-Bell (Haab) of 364 days (13 by 28, this 28 is the sum of four lunar cycles of seven days, and is almost equal to our Gregorian calendar with the huge difference that  theirs hasn’t the leap year.
- The cosmic calendar (long) were used to measure or tour of the stars macrocosmically.
Through their calendars, the Maya established with incredible precision the end of his cosmic calendar for Friday December 21, 2012, being the basis of the various interpretations of the end of the world and 2012.
This interpretation is not  a literal end , but a drastic change in the physical, mental and spiritual self, is a time of transition in which every human being will internally amplify what he is inside. This is due to atmospheric changes and the formation of man possessing an altered structure for these times not in harmony with the effluvia from the outer cosmos to the microcosm man-woman. We cannot ignore that the cellular architecture of man is fully deflected and collide with its originality.
The interpretations made by some of the world's end and associating it with a statement of the Maya is totally wrong, the entry of the earth to Hi-luminous field  eclipses in a high percentage of intellectual capacity of the human species, this will bring a deviation mostly psychological type in humanity.
Is it possible to flow with that special kind of energy?
This is possible resuming virtual Genesis of our ancestors, awakening our genetic capacity with which we were created, this will not only keep us in smoothly with the cosmos but would help to awaken the higher planes of matter, antimatter or Akashic worlds of nature.
This can be explained scientifically or like in Kindergarten:

The earth acts as a magnet, its north and south poles, there is a magnetic field around the field that protects us from radiation and forces from the infinite cosmos including the explosion that destroyed  Humagnolia (planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter now called the asteroid belt) that surrounds each time period recurrently  this solar system.
When you enter the  luminous areas there will be a jolt ,creating an investment electromagnetic poles and is where will the negative changes in our structure psychosomatic begin.

-To give example, much of the so-called migratory birds disoriented. Obvious point is the Electronic Program chips, integrated memories, photocells, mosfets, devices, etc., that depends on electromagnetism will have  a difficult coupling.
This magnetic  event has occurred in our planet several times, with the big difference that in those times the thinking, feeling and acting have been virtuous and electronic advancements minimized (materialistic).
Scientists agree that assessment from the point of view of the mineral kingdom, as the sedimentary rocks in the overburden, which have ferromagnetic particles by architecture or design, are oriented to the magnetic pole and this is the key to understanding all this magnetic reversal. Moreover, any graduate knows that the earth is tilted unnaturally; the Earth's magnetic pole does not coincide with the geographic pole, observe a globe and conclude.
Each pitch significantly disfavors humanity in thinking. If we look at the music cannot deny that the songs of  30 years ago were like poems  and now  it is a total disaster, and this is in all genres. The same is happening with health, food, clothing  etc... Now imagine the drastic change from December 21 in our psychosomatic structure.
The so called  sunspots have always existed but not with the intensity with which they are now manifesting, and if we add to this deficit in the earth's magnetic field will result in global warming. These gases are amplified by the indiscriminate externalization of seminiferous (semen) energies of the human species, its volatilization mark the margin to amplify the chaos.

This instruction is a call to balance our poles or cerebral hemispheres.  The right brain is virtualized by the soul and spiritual gifts known as Love, Will, Forgiveness, creative understanding, chastity, humility, patience, etc.. And the left hemisphere is steeped in hatred, laziness, revenge, lust, jealousy, pride, anger, over its hundreds of branches. As Earth progress in these areas will be more complex life, more chaotic.
The cerebral hemispheres and drive the psyche, psychic waves are generated that differ in their frequency called:  mega, delta, beta, resh, alpha and ultra. The three primary waves are generated by the left hemisphere and the last three on the right, leaving the fourth wave in a sector balance. This is the reason for this conference; we can develop our right cerebral hemisphere and thus achieve a better harmony with the energy from the cosmos effluvia.
For these days many people fear, are isolated from civilization, in tunnels with food supplies to transcend this cycle, but ... are they right?
Are you prepared for a global catastrophe? Or for a civil war in which shortages in food, water and supplies of all kinds. What is your position on this whole state, you thought of how to contribute to transcend all this system of things?


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