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Fallen angels ??
« on: December 18, 2013, 05:44:49 PM »
Hi everybody,

It's been quite some time since I last posted here. I have been posting on some other forums and worked my way around on my own website, optimized it for mobile use.

I would like to bring your attention to a topic on my forum that has been produced by a member of my forum and myself.
This member, Margriet, is an expert in the books of Jozef Rulof, but her english is quite poor. So she supplied the content and I did the translation.

It's called: Fallen Angels ??.
I really wanted to bring your attention to this topic because it has been an eye-opener to me and I hope it will be of any use for the members and visitors of this board too.

It's basically about: knowledge and conscious that has once been achieved cannot go lost.
Fallen angels do not exist. Moving higher in the spheres of light is only limited by your lowest character traits. That is what holds you from moving higher.

This may sound not so much as a surprise to some of you, but the interesting thing about it is that people who have reached a sphere of light and THEN are reincarnated on earth again to fullfill a task, to serve, that those people once they die and go back to the afterlife may end up in a LOWER sphere then where they left from.

This is caused by the confrontation with their lower character traits while on earth. Such traits, like chasing women, arrogance and so on, may cause those people to forget themselves and cause them to end up in a lower sphere in the afterlife once they go back there then if they had stayed overthere.

There is much more to say about it, but Margriet has written an excellent article about it with a lot of quotes from the books of Rulof, especially from 'The Origin of the Universe'.

I hope you will enjoy reading it. Like I said, translation was done by me, and my english is not that fluent either, but I trust things will be clear enough to get the picture.

If you have any questions, like to comment, please don't hesitate. That's what forums are for.

Mogenblue / Frits
A View into the Hereafter
Only by serving and loving the life of God, the human being conquers his Universe


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