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The World of Dreams
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:38:31 AM »
Why are people born under horrendous conditions in third world countries? Why do natural disasters destroy peoples lives? Why do our loved ones get sick and die? Why must every living thing suffer and die? Why is it that the only way to keep our bodies alive for a little while is to take the life of another? Why is it that so many believe that a perfect God of love created this place when this place is imperfect  and cruel?

These are the sorts of questions that most of the religions and Spiritualities in the world are unable to give any satisfactory answer to. Quantum Physics may give us a clue. According to the Observer Effect waves become particles that appear as objects only when they are observed and thought about. Here are a couple of links.

In other words the energy being studied took form immediately based on the thoughts and beliefs of the scientist who was observing it ...

We are not human beings. We are not these fleshy, vulnerable bodies that are doomed to suffer and die. We are Spirit or Awareness. It's a mistake to assume that we were not around before human beings existed. The mind of God has always been, and the physical is nothing more than projected consciousness. It exists because we choose for it to exist. In such a way it is similar to a dream.

Most people believe that they are at the effect when the truth is they are the cause. That is why Miracles such as walking on water and turning water to wine are possible. When one has mastered the mind one may project the physical in anyway he/she chooses. Never think that you are a victim of the universe, or that a wrathful “god” is out to get you. You are the reason why the universe appears, and like the Prodigal Son God will welcome you with open arms. Enlightenment is nothing more than remembering what you have forgotten.


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