Author Topic: Can anyone help me understand these 'predictions'?  (Read 2378 times)


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Can anyone help me understand these 'predictions'?
« on: September 24, 2010, 12:49:33 AM »

I'm wondering if I can get some guidance on something that has been affecting me my whole life. There are numerous experiences that I've had and I just want to know if they all add up to something that I'm unaware of.

As far back as I can remember I've been able to predict what television shows or songs will be played within a certain amount of days or hours. I'll get random thoughts of a particular scene or song with no correlation to any activity that I'm participating in and within a short span of time I will encounter that scene or song. I've been chalking it up to strange circumstance for most of my life because I couldn't explain it, but at this point it's gone beyond random circumstance. I'm at an age where I've grown very aware of it and I can't sweep it under the rug any longer. It's been happening on a weekly basis since I was very young, and no, I don't regularly browse the t.v guide or radio station play lists, lol. Today my thought manifested via a movie on television within 5 hours. It was enough to give me a scare and a cold sweat. I know this doesn't sound like a very constructive trait, and I really have no idea what to make of it. Could this be related to cognition?

When I talk to people about childhood memories I find that most people can't remember very far back, but I can remember as far back as being in my crib. I remember what was on my baby bottle, the ducks,  Huey, Duey, and Louie. I also spent a large amount of time by myself, meditating, I guess you could call it, as a child. Which isn't to say that I wasn't well adjusted. I was social and had friends, I just had different thoughts than other children my age.When I was in third grade, I was sitting in the playground field at recess looking at the clouds. When a friend of mine came over to ask me what I was doing, I told her I was just thinking, and then asked if she every wondered what our purpose in life was. She said I was weird and ran off. I spent a great deal of time 'meditating' in high places. Trees and rooftops mostly. I'm only including these accounts of memories because I feel that somehow they could be connected to whatever this 'it' is.

I see the number '3' in sequence regularly.

I have artistic talents ( I don't know why that would make a difference, I'm just trying to think of anything I can to correlate to these happenings ). My mom is artistic and I was born with the talent. I've never had to learn it. (I'm not stating this to be pretentious and I apologize if it comes off that way)

When I was younger I had a few very very vivid dreams of angels that I will never forget. In one of the dreams, I was in a field of sunflowers and the colors in the dream were so bright. I was running through this field towards someone. The someone was an angel and when I got to her she had her back turned to me. When she turned around to look at me I woke up, so I never got to see her face. The next night I had a dream that I drove to my parents house (this dream took place far before I was of age to be driving)and when I pulled into the drive way there was a message written in blood and somehow I knew it was written by an angel. The message said 'your parents are o.k'. When I ran into the house I had found out that there was a fire or some kind of horrible accident, but that my parents had made it out alive.

Additionally, I think I had an astral projection experience about a year ago. I was thinking about astral projection a lot over the course of a few days. I had it on my mind before I went to bed one evening and tried envisioning climbing upward on a rope as I dozed off. I didn't know what was going on when I 'climbed out' but I 'walked' to the bathroom and when I entered it I saw an orb of light. I felt that the orb was looking at me and was aware of my presence just as I was of its presence. In that moment I was so scared because I wasn't prepared for the situation and awoke within seconds of fleeing back to my body. When I woke I was breathing extremely heavily through my nose, almost hyperventilating, and I was covered in sweat. How do you tell the difference between a very realistic nightmare and astral projection? I've been too scared to try it again because I feel like I shouldn't tamper with something I don't fully understand. I just don't know who to talk to about it or how to really understand it.

I'll admit,  I've always been a very skeptical person and try to explain things via science, but I don't know how to explain this. All I can say is that I've experienced something that I'm not sure can be explained with science. How do I handle this? Am I supposed to do something with it? How can I constructively strengthen, control, or better understand it, assuming that 'it' is something?

I've never talked to anyone about this out of fear of embarrassing myself. I'm confused and aching to understand.

Thank you for your help.
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Re: Can anyone help me understand these 'predictions'?
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2010, 03:02:22 PM »
Hello Darjeeling,

What has been happening to you all of your life is that you have been remembering your abilities and attributes that your Soul has brought through with it.   You are ready to work in service to the world of Light - you have been given insights all along.
What you should do is to channel your gifts into working, either as a medium, reader, healer etc.
A lot of people start healing and that is a very good place to start.
Your predictions should be channelled into mediumship or readings, that will help to minimalize random predictions.
People that are spiritually aware and have latent memories often remember very early events, places or things.   I share that with you - I can remember things as far back as when I was six months old and I am now in my early sixties.   My mother verified the memories but she always said that I couldn't remember them, but I did and accurately.

Use  your talents - channel them in an inspired way.   Give them to the world in service.  Above all believe in your abilities and attributes and their source.
Three is a mystic number - it is the Eternal Triangle, The Father Son and Holy Ghost, the Father, Mother and Son.
Dreams are messages to you, maybe for yourself or maybe for someone else.   Always pass on positivie messages, but be very careful with negative messages.   They are given to you so that you can help the person that they are meant for, but never worry them.   Meditate often, that helps you to attune in a focussed manner.
Always protect yourself spiritually on retiring to bed and before you work.   But above all, don't be afraid.   Your Guides, doorkeeper and Guardian Angel are always beside you.   The Angels are all around your.
Blessings, In Peace, Love and Life,


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Re: Can anyone help me understand these 'predictions'?
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2010, 07:59:34 AM »
I know what Your going through. I have near the same ability as you, predicting little things before they happen. Mostly songs on the radio, ads on TV, or other such small things. I can see larger things too, usually through a medium, such as Tarot. I predicted my great uncles death 2 weeks before it happened, that's what really scared me for a while, since I thought I had caused it. I understand a little more now, but I live in a small, highly Christen town, so there isn't anyone I can really converse with without being burned at the stake...

All I can tell you to help is my experience: You have two choices. The First is to just ignore it. Like a reflex action, it should die down, just like if you don't exercise a muscle it grows weak. The Second is what I chose, which is to further develop your ability through practice. Try to concentrate on seeing 'ahead' or questioning the events unfolding around you. I've done a lot of tarot over the past 2 years and I am almost never wrong in my predictions. Its a choice your going to have to make for yourself. Just make sure you don't make the one that is wrong for you. And if you chose to continue, don't strain yourself. That's a sure way to either lose you ability altogether, damage yourself, or even open yourself up to something unpleasant. Good luck, and good future to you.


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