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Channeling and NEW AGE LIES
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:43:06 PM »
Channeling is allowing another consciousness that has not been allowed to inhabit its own body, to use your mind as a communication tool. If a person is connected with GOD of LIGHT there is NEVER a need for a 'go between'. Only a person with no connection to the real DIVINE and are too lazy to do the Spiritual work of correcting their faults to establish a true connection with GOD desires this. It serves those whose ego needs to be sought after as 'advice' givers, or simply serve their own quest for knowledge externally first. KNOW thyself and there is no need to 'channel' anything. Why would a person waste time with a SPIRIT or 'download' information from the akashic records if they can speak with GOD?

Here are a few New Age lies in bolden type that are part of the mass deception that is happening now. I give the TRUTH of the deception.

I am the universe and all is a reflection in me....

We are a piece of consciousness within the substance that is GOD, not the other way around. To think otherwise is to still have the self-centered view of a child who cannot understand the 'complexity of universe' because they are stuck in the ego totally. We choose which part of universe we want to allow in us by choosing which 'traits' we allow to grow and give our focus to. If we focus on becoming pure good for the sake of being good, not a title, then that is the part of GOD, or the 'polarity' of LIGHT we decide.  To state 'ALL is within' is to assume we have no choice what is in us, which would violate the first Universal Law of GOD...Free Will. If someone sees the murder, rape, hunger, and pain of this world in them, that is their reality filled with demons within them that they must confront to be free.

If we give our attention to it we empower it....

Ignoring a problem does not make it go away or disappear as a 'reality' from universe. This is another example of a child-like state of mind when the two-year old thinks they are all that exists.  The starving children around the world do not disappear because we do not choose to notice them. That is apathy and it leads to a selfish view of reality for an egocentric person that only cares for them self. No greater arrogance can be displayed by a person than to think if they do not see 'it'.....'it' just disappears. That is the mind of a disturbed person who thinks everyone else is just a figment of their own subconscious. Ask the millions of victims living with the reality of 'violence' today through-out the world,  if 'ignoring' the problem empowered their circumstances, or has allowed 'it' to grow to biblical proportions.

Our body is to be used as a tool to explore our desires and share with whomever we decide.

Our consciousness is sacred because it is eternal. The body is not because it dies. Nothing that dies can compare to that which is eternal and to do so is not being honest.  It is an excuse to feed animal instincts that weak -willed and selfish people crave like dogs in heat. The body is a tool for consciousness to experience the challenges of how to release destructive, selfish, animalistic traits within us. It is not a tool meant to attach your 'consciousness' to repeated cycles of birth and death. We are supposed to transcend physical limitations of the body, not celebrate them.

We connect with others best through sex

Sex is a distraction that is a subconscious controller of our life until we identify it as so. If we are not honest with our self it will be used to sell us everything from soap to cars by the advertisers on television. If sex wasn't such a subconscious controller destroying our ability to make free will decisions......then there would be no need to use it in advertising AT ALL....Ever have a 'sexual encounter that as soon as you were done you regretted it?  That is because as soon as the chemical release happened you 'think clearly' again. That is exactly how sex can be a tool to trick us into making bad choices. If a person thinks sex will bring them closer to GOD or LOVE, they lack an understanding of what LOVE really is. Does a parent have sexual relations to LOVE their child? NO!!!

We are gods in training

Just punch yourself..I do not even need to go into that one.

We are going to transform the Earth with our combined 'energies' through meditation

We are all experiencing a Spiritual evolution not physical. The physical is meant to suck folks. It is meant to make us want 'something' more than this physical life or more accurately death. That 'something', can only be found through a relationship with GOD, it is NEVER found thinking we are god. To think we are god requires a constant need by the egoic person to be viewed by others as 'enlightened' or feel like they are superior to others. This is what leads folks to think they will change the world by their intent..which is delusional, and selfish. Every person is experiencing the exact circumstances they need to find GOD, and sometimes it takes the 'two by four' up side the head by GOD and our surrounding experiences. Fear is a great humbler. Only by being frightened enough to seek another for total guidance (GOD), can we learn humility. To think we will change the world for others is to violate their Spiritual journey and what they need to find GOD in this life, so as not to repeat the same lesson in another life. The world doesn't get fixed because some yahoo decides they want to change it. That is GOD's job, not any person in flesh.

To NOT agree with 'all is LOVE' is not being a loving person

All love is not healthy and to ignore our own KNOWING of 'right or wrong' is what does not allow us to progress. If we do not KNOW right or wrong without being told by GOD, we are not ready to live within the harmonious realms of creation, where destructive and selfish acts would be a disaster. To say we do not have enough 'love' to see all as 'love' is a tool used on weak-minded people who have no inner moral compass. Besides there are two polar opposites of LOVE. Love of thyself first, or GOD.

You must learn to LOVE yourself...

To LOVE GOD is to serve others since all others are also inside GOD. To love yourself first leads to only doing what is best for you, being so selfish you do not care about others feelings, no matter how much we think they are trivial.  GOD cares for us, not itself.. That is why NO PERSON who thinks THEY are GOD can progress Spiritually. GOD would never be so bold to state such things. "I AM I " is not a statement of power like people trapped in ego think. It means humbly.......I am just I, or me....GOD is humble, not egocentric people.

If you are acting in accordance with your Higher Self and GOD, HUMBLY, you do not need to learn to love yourself, or accept yourself for what ever kind of destructive and selfish person you are. You just do with no needed work, because the Spirit is NOT 'hurting.'  Only those who ignore GOD ever need to 'overcome' their faults and 'accept' them as just who they are. That is the cowards way out because they cannot face their own inner demons.

Spiritual work to be with GOD sucks and DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. Feeling good about anything we 'think' is 'Spiritual' is EGO. It is time to finally make yourself uncomfortable to see the faults you have ignored, and hold up as 'acceptance of oneself', instead of confronting the pain we feel in our HEART which IS OUR CONNECTION WITH GOD. PAIN we try to ignore IS GOD  screaming SOMETHING IS DESTRUCTIVE TO OUR SPIRIT.  What do you LOVE more..yourself, or GOD which is all others first. If still acting like all that matters is our own happiness.....we are LOST.


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