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What is LOVE...
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:56:52 PM »
Love is the emotional fabric that binds reality together. It does not matter which side of this 'energy' or GOD (dark or LIGHT) we choose because GOD has infinite LOVE for ALL of us . GOD cannot take sides, because that would mean GOD is NOT above its 'own self' in its own desire. GOD makes our experience possible, but it is our choice that decides our fate, not GOD's WILL. That is why we have FREE WILL.

It is the gift we are given by GOD to choose our own destiny. Otherwise we would be slaves to our circumstances which people call fate. There is no such thing as fate, only 'destiny' which is of our making.  Our 'Destiny' depends on what the core of our being is that resides in our HEART as the two choices we are able to make which GOD gives us, selfless LOVE or selfish love.

 LOVE is the only substance that exists in both polarities, and it is present in all levels of creation as GOD itself. All other emotions are subordinate to the emotion of LOVE, because all other emotions lead a consciousness to the 'side' of GOD/LOVE THEY WISH to serve via their own individual FREE WILL.

There are two very distinct types of LOVE

Love of thyself above all else which is selfish and considered the darker side of GOD

DIVINE LOVE for all others above our own self-interest which is considered the LIGHT side of GOD.

Everything exists within the substance of GOD which is why the two sides of LOVE are necessary for all of us to exist. GOD does not take sides, but only allows its creations to choose which side of LOVE it wants to help balance the total energy of GOD within a given universe. The two sides act as balances on a scale for each other that is required to maintain harmony and act as catalyst for new  growth. LOVE is always evolving and finding new ways to expand which is why we experience what we call 'life', or reality in the first place.

This is why the new age philosophy of 'all is LOVE' is actually correct, but extremely misleading. People who have no personal discernment fall for the deception that seeks to blurr the lines between destructive LOVE and constructive LOVE.

Those who at their core are selfish, do not want others who wish to be liberated from their destructive love to do so. Misery loves company and these darker aspects of GOD must persuade others to their 'side' to justify their own inability to choose something that does not serve their own self-interest first. It is very difficult for a selfish being to witness what real LIGHT looks like because it shines that LIGHT within the dark person's HEART exposing their weakness.

Love of thyself wishes to serve itself first no matter what destructive habits it 'possesses' ,or who it hurts in the process of loving their self. They only wish to feed their own desires no matter who else they may hurt in the process stating such things like:

We must just accept our self as who we are no matter the faults or how our actions hurt others

We must learn to love our self first (If you are of LIGHT and CONSTRUCTIVE action you do NOT have to 'try' to love yourself)

We must release anyone that does not serve us or 'think' like we do (ego doesn't like challenges)

We must accept selfish thoughts as 'liberating' to progress spiritually or become 'enlightened'.

Divine LOVE wishes only to allow the person to make their own choice with no persuasion, knowing that our own individual choice is the gift of FREE WILL. Divine LOVE is unconditional LOVE and is recognized as the following:

Allows for each person to make their own choice of what they feel is right and wrong for them personally

Never manipulates others into seeing the world as they do since FREE WILL, and the respect of that person's Spiritual journey, is honored above all else, even their own desires for that person.

Never harms others to satisfy its own desires since DIVINE LOVE is the GOD of LIGHT and cares for its creations first

Always thinks of others first while not allowing their destructive patterns to harm us, but be there when and if the person needs guidance.

DIVINE LOVE guides a person to their own choice. It does not need affirmation by having others agree with its view.To 'covet' another person or persuade them to agree with our view of what LOVE is to us, is destructive and it is what we call 'satanic forces'. This fallen selfish view of love only wishes to control, not liberate.

DIVINE LOVE is freeing and represented by the dove. Divine LOVE accepts people for who they are understanding the difference between constructive and destructive actions known as right or wrong. It does not blurr the lines of right and wrong because it does NOT need to convince others to join its view of LOVE to be happy.

 When our ego is no longer the controller, the love for that person and their choice is honored above our 'own desires.' In addition, DIVINE LOVE  does not need to convince others to make the same choice it makes. Convincing others violates FREE WILL, and that 'individual particle' of GOD's consciousness from finding its own destiny. Coveting another spark of GOD and manipulating them into our view of what love should be is the actions of the 'lucifer' who knows better than what GOD has given as that person's FREE WILL choice.

We are all the controlling 'lucifer' until we accept the person for who they are, not what we want them to be. Lucifer was the accuser that thought it knew better than GOD, what was best for mankind. That is our ego until we ignite the spark of SOPHIA within, and no longer need to be joined by others in selfish love. This happens because we are surrounded by the energy of GOD's LIGHT which is liberating, not controlling. IF you choose 'selfish LOVE' I do not judge you. Only miss you.....
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